Letters and Essays
Orest Slepokura

Mural critique misguided Toronto Star, 04Mar2016; Orest Slepokura
Sins of the fathers Globe and Mail, 02Mar2016; Orest Slepokura


Secrets  Calgary Herald, 01Jun2012; Orest Slepokura
His freedom of expression is worth fighting for  National Post, 05May2012; Orest Slepokura


Missing story in Norway massacre   National Post, 28Jul2011
Scandalous message  Calgary Sun, 26Jul2011
Rebekah of Green Gables  Calgary Herald, 23Jul2011
Quoting Billy Shakespeare  Winnipeg Sun, 21Jul2011
No Denials  Ottawa Sun, 21Jul2011
Maladjusted  Edmonton Sun, 20Jul2011
Varied reaction to Koran desecration simply weird  National Post, 15Jul2011
Hemingway was right  London Free Press, 13Jul2011
Afghan war was worth the cost National Post, 12Jul2011
Orwell's prescience on display  Toronto Star, 11Jul2011
Feelin' TORY for themselves  Edmonton Sun, 09Jul2011
Right and Wrong  Edmonton Sun, 06Jul2011
Cognitive Dissonance?  Edmonton Sun, 03Jul2011

Human Rights Time Machine Ottawa Sun, 29Jun2011
Black Days Edmonton Sun, 28Jun2011
On the Eve of Destruction Winnipeg Sun, 24Jun2011
Boutique Looter Ottawa Sun, 21Jun2011
Tragic Irony Calgary Sun, 20Jun2011
Spoiled brats  Calgary Herald, 18Jun2011
Mob psychology  Winnipeg Sun, 17Jun2011
Inspirational note  Globe and Mail, 15Jun2011
Free Speech all Smoke  Calgary Sun, 13Jun2011
Israel apologists  Toronto Sun, 11Jun2011
Memo to PM re: hockey, Quebec  National Post, 06Jun2011
Oh, the irony  Ottawa Sun, 05Jun2011
Tough to pronounce  Calgary Herald, 01Jun2011

Powerful doofus  Winnipeg Sun, 30May2011
Demjanjuk: 'Terrible Case'  Edmonton Sun, 27May2011
Beyond Belief  Edmonton Sun, 26May2011
World goes on  Ottawa Sun, 23May2011
VON TICKED  Edmonton Sun, 23May2011
Injustice  Calgary Herald, 15May2011
Whatever happened to privacy?  National Post, 12May2011
Future attack ad victim  Edmonton Sun, 10May2011
Bin Laden killing: Vengeance or bloodlust?  TorontoStar, 07May2011
Under fire  Edmonton Sun, 03May2011
Sigh... watch for more Pippas soon National Post, 02May2011

Prison break will replenish Taliban fighters on front lines Calgary Herald, 27Apr2011
Sensible to bump debate Edmonton Journal, 13Apr2011
Question of the Day Edmonton Sun, 08Apr2011
End the warfare state Edmonton Sun, 01Apr2011

WWIII  Ottawa Sun, 27Mar2011
Elizabeth Taylor's real legacy  National Post, 25Mar2011
Slaughter of the innocents  Edmonton Sun, 22Mar2011
Escalating debt  Toronto Sun, 20Mar2011
Blind ideology  Ottawa Sun, 18 March 2011
Newt’s little problem Calgary Sun, 14Mar2011
Kenney curry
Ottawa Sun, 07Mar2011
Sheen: A poor imitation of Dino
National Post, 07Mar2011
Gender politics?  Edmonton Sun, 04Mar2011
HELLO? Woodstock Sentinel-Review, 03Mar2011
Outstanding ego  Calgary Sun, 03Mar2011
Anti-Israel alphabet  Edmonton Sun, 01Mar2011

End times for a tyrant Maclean's, 28Feb2011
The Arab awakening  Toronto Star, 26Feb2011
SNL crew have their work cut out for them with Gadhafi Calgary Herald, 26Feb2011
Royal grumbles  Globe and Mail, 18Feb2011
Mosaic of diversity   Edmonton Sun, 12Feb2011
Counting money  Winnipeg Sun, 08Feb2011
Enviro-hypocrite  Calgary Sun, 05Feb2011
Mubarak: He's our SOB  National Post,  01Feb2011

Time of reckoning  Ottawa Citizen, 29Jan2011
Ed's comfort food  Edmonton Sun, 27Jan2011
Theme for Lucas  Toronto Sun, 21Jan2011
What's behind PM's tantrum?  Toronto Star, 18Jan2011
The blame game  Edmonton Sun, 18Jan2011
His voice could inspire faith  National Post, 08Jan2011
Good company  Calgary Herald, 03Jan2011


Lost in memory hole  Winnipeg Free Press, 30Dec2010
Madoff suicide  Edmonton Sun, 15Dec2010
Wikileaks scandal  Edmonton Sun, 12Dec2010
Shameful degree for self-hating Jew  National Post, 10Dec2010
Fugetaboutit  Calgary Sun, 09Dec2010
Hamstrung by neocon ideology
  Toronto Star, 08Dec2010
Jennifer Peto's master's thesis calls Holocaust education 'racist'
Macleans, 08Dec2010
Julian Assange and the Wikileaks Affair
  CBC, 05Dec2010
Uganda is no example  Toronto Sun, 03Dec2010

British activist blames MP for border snub  Calgary Herald, 26Nov2010
Riel’s ‘hero status’  Winnipeg Sun, 22Nov2010
Should we have an abortion?
  Edmonton Sun, 22Nov2010
Such juvenile conceit  Edmonton Journal, 22Nov2010
After a Murky Beginning and a Murky Middle, Demjanjuk's Long Road to Justice Nears a Murky End To A.J. Goldmann, 11Nov2010
Polar nuisances Winnipeg Free Press, 10Nov2010
A U.S. senator’s ‘chilling’ message  Toronto Star, 08Nov2010
"Harper tours infamous prison" Montreal Gazette, 06Nov2010
Deja vu  Calgary Herald, 05Nov2010
Politics reality TV  Edmonton Sun, 03Nov2010

Cut Omar Khadr some slack Edmonton Sun, 27Oct2010
The "king," eh? Edmonton Sun, 25Oct2010
The why of Russell Williams  Edmonton Sun, 22Oct2010
Friends and enemies  Edmonton Sun, 19Oct2010
Different party, same mistakes  To Ottawa Sun, 15Oct2010
Do fetus images tell us anything?  Financial Post, 13Oct2010
Uncovering the hidden Holocaust  To Toronto Star, 12Oct2010
Semrau so wrong  Ottawa Sun, 09Oct2010
Dreyfus, father and son  Edmonton Sun, 05Oct2010
Attention span  Calgary Sun, 01Oct2010

Silver lining  Winnipeg Sun, 29Sep2010
Tea Party right to be mad  Winnipeg Sun, 27Sep2010
Synchronicity is cute  Edmonton Sun, 25Sep2010
Barb should hit the bricks  Calgary Sun, 24Sep2010
To release a spy  National Post, 23Sep2010
Tea-ed off  Ottawa Sun, 22Sep2010
True patriot love  Edmonton Sun, 16Sep2010
Ian Davey culturally illiterate  Edmonton Sun, 15Sep2010
BP's weasel words immoral  Toronto Star, 09Sep2010
Reread Jackson  Calgary Herald, 08Sep2010
Lieberman needs to agree  Edmonton Journal, 08Sep2010
Israel to deport 400 foreign kids  Toronto Star, 06Sep2010
Work of fiction  Ottawa Sun, 05Sep2010
Is this justice?  Calgary Sun, 04Sep2010

Moral outrage hypocritical
  Winnipeg Sun, 31Aug2010
Killing in God's name  London Free Press, 31Aug2010
Orwell’s version more apt  Toronto Star, 30Aug2010
Ottawa urges immigrant communities to report suspicious behaviour  To Globe and Mail, 27Aug2010
Muslim witch hunt  Winnipeg Sun, 24Aug2010
Agenda-driven  Calgary Herald, 20Aug2010
Hate  London Free Press, 16Aug2010
Abdel Baset al-Megrahi: Strange days, indeed  Canada Free Press, 16Aug2010
Who will be the last?  Calgary Sun, 15Aug2010 
... or a 'grotesque legal charade'?  National Post, 11Aug2010 
Columnist out to lunch  Calgary Sun, 10Aug2010 
Spielberg movie a harbinger?  Toronto Star, 09Aug2010 
Harper changes tune  Winnipeg Sun, 08Aug2010
Abdulkareem Ahmed Khadr: And?  Canada Free Press, 05Aug2010
SECURITY SKETCH  Calgary Sun, 06Aug2010
In the bleachers  Winnipeg Free Press, 05Aug2010
No moral high ground  Edmonton Sun, 04Aug2010
Busted by science  Edmonton Sun, 03Aug2010
U.S. headed for trouble  Calgary Sun, 03Aug2010

Lives of the super-rich  Toronto Sun, 31Jul2010
Article on Judaism missed the mark  National Post, 28Jul2010
Failed States  Edmonton Sun, 27Jul2010
One-State Solution  Winnipeg Sun, 26Jul2010
Retiring  Canada Free Press, 25Jul2010
CBSA must answer allegations  Edmonton Sun, 22Jul2010
My two-cents worth: Conrad Black  Globe and Mail, 21Jul2010
Mad Mel  Canada Free Press, 17Jul2010
Ignatieff’s image in need of repair  National Post, 15Jul2010
So many questions  Globe and Mail, 15Jul2010
Bloc a force  Winnipeg Sun, 14Jul2010
Extinction-level event?  Winnipeg Free Press, 12Jul2010
CSIS chief has lost credibility with the Canadian people  Vancouver Sun, 12Jul2010
Cult of celebrity addictive  Toronto Star, 12Jul2010
“It’s who you know”  Canada Free Press, 12Jul2010
Oxymoronic arguments elicit pity and wonder  Georgia Straight, 08Jul2010
The difference a day can make at Pride  National Post, 06Jul2010
’64 protest street theatre
  Toronto Star, 05Jul2010
Rubbing our noses in it  Hamilton Spectator, 03Jul2010

'Good faith' question  Calgary Sun, 28Jun2010
The Destructors: G20 protesters  Canada Free Press, 27Jun2010
Down Time  Edmonton Sun, 27Jun2010
DADDY WARBUCKS?  Toronto Sun, 24Jun2010
Hapless' presidency  Winnipeg Sun, 19Jun2010
Canadians discriminate  Winnipeg Sun, 18Jun2010
Social Grief  Edmonton Sun, 18Jun2010
Israel and apartheid South Africa  Edmonton Sun, 14Jun2010
R-E-S-P-E-C-T  Edmonton Sun, 11Jun2010
Roar against Israel only starts with Turks  Edmonton Journal, 08Jun2010
Mulroney's Nobel ambition  Calgary Sun, 08Jun2010
Israel, Palestine and a new player: Turkey  Vancouver Sun, 07Jun2010
Israel offered to sell nuclear warheads to South Africa  To Charles Adler, 07Jun2010
Naturally curious   Edmonton Sun, 03Jun2010
Legacy   London Free Press, 02Jun2010
Toronto’s ‘Pride’?   Winnipeg Sun, 02Jun2010
Flotilla attack   Ottawa Sun, 01Jun2010
Obscene waste   Winnipeg Sun, 01Jun2010

Bibi Netanyahu: The Worst Landlord in the World
  To Professor Ferris, 31May2010
Public safety vs PR   Edmonton Sun, 31May2010
Iggy's flat feet   Edmonton Sun, 29May2010
Everest in a swimsuit   Winnipeg Sun, 29May2010
Foolish consistency  Edmonton Sun, 28May2010
Her naked greed  Ottawa Citizen, 26May2010
Cut and run  Edmonton Sun, 24May2010
Parliamentary democracy?  Edmonton Sun, 21May2010  [3 items]
Self-defeating attacks  Winnipeg Free Press, 20May2010
Stalin worse than Hitler  Winnipeg Sun, 18May2010
A trillion here, a trillion there  Edmonton Sun, 17May2010
Advice for orthodoxies: "Organize, baby, organize"  Edmonton Sun, 14May2010  [2 items]
Porn promoting  Ottawa Sun, 09May2010
Churchill's record  Calgary Herald, 07May2010
Government  London Free Press, 06May2010
Massive mess  Calgary Sun, 06May2010
Refuge in red herrings  Globe and Mail, 06May2010  [3 items]
Diversity brings intellect  Winnipeg Sun, 04May2010
Too too little too too late  Winnipeg Free Press; 02May2010
Censorship circumvented  Edmonton Sun, 02May2010

"Is this free speech?"  Winnipeg Free Press, 24Apr2010
It isn't easy being green  Globe and Mail, 24Apr2010
Children  London Free Press, 24Apr2010
Wrong guy lauded  Winnipeg Sun, 22Apr2010
Taking back the narrative  Edmonton Sun, 18Apr2010
Conservative party crashers  Calgary Sun, 17Apr2010
The gift that keeps on giving  Toronto Star, 16Apr2010
"Polish" jokes  Edmonton Sun, 14Apr2010
T-shirt wisdom  Toronto Sun, 11Apr2010
Prescient  Edmonton Sun, 10Apr2010
Uses of the Holocaust  Vancouver Sun, 09Apr2010
"It's not easy being white"  To National Post, 07Apr2010
The silent Pope  Globe and Mail, 06Apr2010
"Clergy rallies for Pope"  Edmonton Sun, 02Apr2010

"Holocaust soap peddler incites rage and ridicule"  To Montreal Gazette, 27Mar2010
Collective punishment predicated on collective guilt  Winnipeg Free Press, 11Mar2010
Hold Israel accountable  Calgary Herald, 09Mar2010
How far accommodation?  Edmonton Sun, 08Mar2010
McCarthyism?  To Aurel Braun, 02Mar2010

Why not pessimism  Edmonton Sun, 25Feb2010
Women's reproductive rights  Edmonton Sun, 23Feb2010
Barack needs some zen  Calgary Sun, 21Feb2010
Bernie Farber in Toronto Star  Toronto Star, 16Feb2010
"Scholarly Gold"  To Barbara Kay (National Post), 10Feb2010
Save the peace  To Toronto Star, 25Jan2010


"Shabby Tory smears"  Toronto Star, 20Dec2009
"This Nazi trial is a mockery of justice"
 Manchester Guardian, 04Dec2009
The ugly face of journalism  Toronto Star, 14Nov2009
Geezer Renditions   Counter Punch, 03Oct2009
The 'Jew as villain' theme is so old   National Post, 30Sep2009
“Shining a light on Israeli aggression in Gaza”  Toronto Star, 20Sep2009
Comments on Dow Marmur column of 24Aug2009  Toronto Star, 27Aug2009

Alberta blows another boom  Edmonton Sun, 29Aug2009
Why bother?  Edmonton Sun, 12Aug2009
No sanity here  Edmonton Sun, 29Jul2009
Couldn't stand the heat  Edmonton Sun, 25Jul2009
The e-mail that shook the Braidwood inquiry  Vancouver Sun, 24Jun2009
Thought Police  Edmonton Sun, 18Jun2009
Double-O standard dooms Russian dad  Edmonton Sun, 11Jun2009
Selling legislators down the river  Edmonton Sun, 07Jun2009
School heads are ‘enablers’ of anti-Semitism  macleans.ca, 30Apr2009
CSIS: Oil industry in Al-Qaida's crosshairs? Edmonton Sun, 10Apr2009
Re: "Germany targets Demjanjuk" To Toronto Sun, 30Mar2009
Hate criminal needs deprogramming  To Rutherford Show, 26Mar2009
Re: "Here's how to spot the real Jew haters"  To Toronto Sun, 08Mar2009
Support for Israel is not always a good thing  Nanaimo Daily News, 07Mar2009
The Anatomy of a Riot  30May1965 codoh.com, resurrected 28Feb2009
Re: Nazi hunters renew efforts after reports on top target  To Manchester Guardian, 08Feb2009
Re: "Pope to Bishop: Nein"  To Edmonton Sun, 06Feb2009
Re:"The greatest Russians of all time" To Globe and Mail, 10Jan2009
Re: "Statistical" response to genocide CBC Current, 08Jan2009
Re: Dersh dishing the dirt To Charles Adler, 07Jan2009


Omar Khadr is damaged goods Edmonton Sun, 17Jul2008
Israel-Palestine conflict Edmonton Sun, 18Feb2008
Human Rights Gone Awry www.cbc.ca, 04Jan2008


"Truth is no defense" To National Post, 18Dec2007
"Nowhere Man" To Kitchener-Waterloo Record, 16Jun2007
Surrey parade honours terrorist Edmonton Sun, 29Apr2007
"Double Standards" Edmonton Sun, 04Mar07


A moral defeat Calgary Sun, 07Sep2006
Playing nice with Hezbollah Edmonton Sun, 27Aug2006
One question on Rambam To Matthew Ramsey, 23Jul2006


Torture by music? To Globe and Mail, 19Dec2005
Michael Ignatieff and Torture Lite To Toronto Star, 18Dec2005
"Rest home for the wicked" Western Standard, 28Nov2005
"Fort George fever" Edmonton Sun, 06Nov2005
Deadly 'Idealists' Toronto Sun, 22Oct2005
"Truth and justice his ultimate legacy" To Toronto Star, 24Sep2005
Sunshine and horror Globe and Mail, 29Aug2005
"Murder is murder" To Edmonton Sun, 10Aug2005
Josef Czarny To JTA.org, 02Aug2005
Abandon Iraq? Globe and Mail, 19Jul2005
"Give back the medal" To Edmonton Sun, 09Jul2005
Foreign aid conundrum Calgary Sun, 07Jul2005
"Fighter's eyes" Ottawa Sun, 16Jun2005
Splitting the vote? Globe and Mail, 06May2005
"Dworkin died of a broken heart" To Edmonton Sun, Apr. 17, 2005


War's tragic futility Calgary Sun, Sep. 02, 2004
Terrorism works in more ways than one Calgary Sun, Aug. 01, 2004
Bigotry under the Sun Winnipeg Sun, Jul. 29, 2004
Don't turn our military into farm team for U.S. Calgary Sun, Jun. 27, 2004
Harper on Iraq To Toronto Sun, Jun. 13, 2004
"A hero passes" Calgary Sun, Jun. 07, 2004
Lynndie England -- woman in American society? To Calgary Sun, May 19, 2004
Greatest crime here is sheer stupidity Calgary Sun, May 16, 2004
Torture continues in Iraq Globe and Mail, May 03, 2004
Principled terrorism Calgary Sun, Mar. 31, 2004
Leave them alone? Never! To Calgary Herald, Mar. 26, 2004
Demjanjuk 'evidence' To Globe and Mail, Mar. 10, 2004
Conspiring with hate To Toronto Sun, Jan. 11, 2004
Facing up to the past To Toronto Sun, Jan. 10, 2004


"Enabler" of 1933 Ukrainian famine To Globe and Mail, Nov. 01, 2003
Count our blessings To Toronto Sun, Oct. 12, 2003
Media Pimp To Calgary Herald, Sep. 30, 2003
Three Words: "Bring 'em on" To Calgary Herald, Aug. 30, 2003
The Perfect Couple Toronto Sun, July 19, 2003
Propaganda Calgary Herald, Apr. 23, 2003
Sauce Goose Gander Calgary Sun, Apr. 20, 2003
Day earns top marks To Calgary Sun, Apr. 07, 2003
Zundel makes a mockery of refugee system To Edmonton Sun, Apr. 02, 2003
Humanitarian compassion To Calgary Sun, Mar. 31, 2003
Allure of torture To Report, Mar. 31, 2003
Century of moral capital To Calgary Sun, Mar. 24, 2003
Rachel Corrie, March 16, 2003 To "Diamondback", Mar. 22, 2003 PHOTO
5,000 peace seekers sight for sore eyes Calgary Sun, Feb. 23, 2003
The American weasel Calgary Sun, Feb. 19, 2003
New look, same line To Calgary Sun, Feb. 03, 2003
U.S. often backed the wrong horses Calgary Sun, Feb. 02, 2003
Ungrateful allies To Calgary Sun, Jan. 27, 2003
Unrepentant, unrebuked Maclean's, Jan. 27, 2003


Hatred becomes glossed over Toronto Star, Dec. 30, 2002
Dark propaganda To Calgary Sun, Dec. 15, 2002
Killing free speech leads to bloodshed Calgary Sun, Dec. 03, 2002
Israel is not above the law To Canadian Jewish News, Nov. 21, 2002
Klein Halevi bio To National Post, Nov. 04, 2002
Bureaucratic roadblocks Calgary Sun, Aug. 27, 2002
Holocaust Denial = Hate Crime? To Alex Neve, AI, Aug. 21, 2002
Sadam's 'actions' strike a sour note Calgary Sun, Aug. 18, 2003
Israel fuels the fire To Globe and Mail, July 10, 2002
Brutal mythology Globe and Mail, May 07, 2002
A growing wave of hate? To Toronto Sun, Apr. 20, 2002
Silence greets the new anti-Semitism To Toronto Sun, Apr. 14, 2002
Awash in trash To Paul Jackson, Feb. 03, 2002


Criticizing Israel differs from anti-Semitism Calgary Sun, Dec. 30, 2001
Bashing Israel is the new anti-Semitism To Edmonton Sun, Dec. 23, 2001
Surgical nuclear strikes To Calgary Sun, Nov. 11, 2001
Young Iranians should reconsider enthusiasm Calgary Sun, Nov. 11, 2001
Eulogy of Doug Collins To Robert Fulford, Nov. 07, 2001

Freedom of press a two-way street Calgary Sun, Oct. 28, 2001
Shame, shame To Toronto Sun, Oct. 28, 2001
Impressions To Counterspin, Oct. 22, 2001
Thobani has to face music To Ben Mulroney, Oct. 20, 2001
Hollywood has gotten away with this for 100 years Edmonton Sun, Oct. 17, 2001
Freedom of Speech opens some dark doors To Calgary Herald, Oct. 13, 2001
The West would never get away with this To Edmonton Sun, Oct. 13, 2001
The new target terror To Toronto Sun | Oct. 09, 2001
Women fed embarrassing pap To Calgary Sun, Oct. 07, 2001
Sunera Thobani rides again To Winnipeg Sun, Oct. 05, 2001
Two reasons to thank Sunera Thobani To Globe and Mail, Oct. 04, 2001
Thobani's Ottawa speech To Globe and Mail, Oct. 02, 2001

Forget sloppy tears To Globe and Mail, Sep. 29, 2001
Jerry the jerk Toronto Sun, Sep. 29, 2001
The U.K.'s secret soldiers To Toronto Sun, Sep. 29, 2001
Aggression is gender-neutral Toronto Star, Sep. 25, 2001
Gumbo in limbo To Toronto Star, Sep. 24, 2001
"if i had a rocket launcher" To Cross-Country Checkup, Sep. 16, 2001
Why would anyone cheer destruction? To Toronto Sun, Sep. 16, 2001
Evil celebrates evil To Toronto Sun, Sep. 15, 2001
Stand firm on G-8 To Calgary Sun, Sep. 14, 2001
A time of self-reflection To Edmonton Sun, Sep. 12, 2001
Anti-racist goes racist To Winnipeg Sun, Sep. 11, 2001
Blatant racism Ottawa Citizen, Sep. 11, 2001
Persecuted minorities To Toronto Sun, Sep. 08, 2001
Cease hate promotion To Ottawa Citizen, Sep. 07, 2001
Racism knows no bounds Edmonton Sun, Sep. 06, 2001
Anything goes To Calgary Sun, Sep. 02, 2001

The hijacking in Durban To Globe and Mail, Aug. 31, 2001
Sharon "enabler" of war crime Kitchener-Waterloo Record, Aug. 31, 2001
Response to Len Rudner To Kitchener-Waterloo Record, Aug. 15, 2001
Coming to Terms With The Past To New Pathway, Aug. 14, 2001
Hypocrisy of Bernie Farber To Kitchener-Waterloo Record, Aug. 02, 2001
Honorary citizenship for Mandela National Post, June 9, 2001
Nazi hunter blasts government To Canadian Jewish News, May 31, 2001
Farber condones Torture To P. Worthington, Apr. 30, 2001
Stern Gang alliance with Nazi Germany To Toronto Sun, Apr. 29, 2001
Slepokura response to Landy To Keith Landy, Apr. 10, 2001
CJC should examine its own conscience To Toronto Sun, Apr. 06, 2001