Calgary Sun | February 23, 2003 | Orest Slepokura
Letters to Editor

5,000 peace seekers sight for sore eyes

Re: "Loud 'n' clear," by Rick Bell (Feb. 16, 2003). Those 5,000 anti-war demonstrators who marched through the streets of Calgary personified Canadian multiculturalism and pluralism and concertized the old shopworn Trudeau-era slogan "Unity in Diversity." A visitor from Mars would've concluded Albertans are people given to hyper-individuality, yet at the same time blandly comfortable with the differences that exist among them when they meld into a community of concern. The Dinger hits the bell when he says their mood was upbeat. Warmth and goodwill were apparent amid passionate outcries against the imminent war. It was as if most protesters viscerally understood that behaving kindly was the best antidote to President Bush's martial venom.

Orest Slepokura

Sun editorial comment: (The ability of Canadians to get along is heartwarming.)