National Post | 11Aug2010 | Orest Slepokura

... or a 'grotesque legal charade'?

In Alice's Wonderland trial, the Queen overseeing it blithely informs Alice of its backward nature: "Sentence first -- verdict afterwards." After which, she's quite prepared to entertain some evidence pertaining to the case.

In Omar Khadr's case, the damning sequence will have been torture first -- confession afterwards. After which, the court will be quite prepared to enter Khadr's confessions into evidence in order to condemn him.

The military judge won't, I'm sure, punctuate the proceedings with spontaneous exclamations of "Off with his head!"

But it now very much looks as if that is to be the purpose for this grotesque legal charade.

Orest Slepokura, Strathmore, Alta.