Edmonton Sun | 07Jun2009 | Orest Slepokura
Letters to the Editor

Selling educators down the river

Re: "Selling educators down the river," Lyn Cockburn.

A father confronted his son's Grade 9 teacher during a parent-teacher interview, accusing the teacher of indoctrinating the boy with "godless communism." The source of this harsh accusation was a social studies unit on the Soviet Union, which he was mandated to teach. In deflecting the accusation, the teacher asked the parent: "If I teach artificial insemination at an agricultural college, does that make me a bull?" The latter was miffed by such impudence. Now thanks to Bill 44, a parent may even lodge a complaint with Alberta Human Rights. Hosanna!

Orest Slepokura

(That'll be the day. The commission has the option.)