National Post | 01Feb2011 | Orest Slepokura

Mubarak: He's our SOB

Re: Revolution Surprises The West ... Again, Peter Goodspeed, Jan. 29, 2011.

An apocryphal story alleges that in 1939, U.S. president Franklin Roosevelt remarked that while the Nicaraguan dictator Anastasio Somoza was "an SOB", he was nonetheless "our SOB" -- the accent falling on the possessive adjective "our". So we cut him plenty of slack, the logic went.

Several generations on, that word is again bedeviling American diplomacy in the Arab world, as one by one America's SOBs across the Levant and beyond are at risk of being ousted from power by the fury roiling the masses. Not least because now, where world opinion is concerned, the accent clearly falls on the acronym SOB.

Orest Slepokura, Strathmore, Alta.
(They just don’t make SOBs like they used to)