Calgary Sun | 08June2010 | Orest Slepokura


Re: Peter Worthington's, "Ethics can't be taught," June 7, 2010. When Brian and Mila Mulroney stood alongside Ronald and Nancy Reagan at the 1985 Shamrock Summit in Quebec City joining in a rousing chorus of When Irish Eyes Are Smiling, we saw a Canadian prime minister deliver the photo-op of the century. This latter-day Schreiber scandal has become the skunk in the tent of Mulroney's legacy. What we see now is a former national leader who allowed lowbrow greed to trump genuine self-interest. Banking on his stature as an elder statesman and proven skills as a negotiator, a reinvented Brian Mulroney would surely have found a vital role to play on the world stage, the kind that receives a Nobel nomination.


(If Al Gore can win a Nobel prize, why not Brian?)