Toronto Sun | July 19, 2003 | Orest Slepokura

The Perfect Couple

RE "THE perfect couple," (Toronto Sun, July 12, 2003): Michael Coren's column recalls a 1960s episode of the CBC show Man Alive (hosted by Roy Bonisteel) that focused on a group of RAF airmen who had survived the Battle of Britain, but emerged from the conflict with burn scars. Horrible burn scars in some cases, resulting from bailing out of a Spitfire in flames. The survivors, as I recall, had formed themselves into a group they called "The Freaks," given their ravaged appearance. Several things impressed me about them. Their good cheer and utter lack of self-pity for one. But even more was the fact the men were all happily married to rather attractive ladies. I remarked on the contrast to my mother, who was also watching the program. "Such is the power of love," she said.

Orest Slepokura
Strathmore, Alta.

(Moms always know best)