Edmonton Sun | 18Feb2008 | Orest Slepokura
Letter to Editor

Israel-Palestine conflict

Re: Mindelle Jacobs's Feb. 15, 2008 column. She credits only the Jews with "humanity" in her description of the decades-old Israel-Palestine conflict, during which time the Israeli policy of collective punishment of Palestinians under military occupation, predicated on collective guilt, has been all too common. Recently, the world has witnessed how in Gaza Israelis have used the stoppage of food and fuel deliveries to make the lot of the people there even more dire. Humanity, anyone?

(Where's your furor over rocket attacks on Israel?)

Edmonton Sun | 18Feb2008 | Harry Kanner
Letter to Editor

Kudos to Mindelle Jacobs for having the courage to point out in her Feb. 15, 2008 column that the Palestinian refugee problem could have been solved 60 years ago had the 22 neighbouring Arab nations truly wanted to help their Palestinian brethren. In contrast, tiny Israel has provided citizenship, as well as full rights and freedoms to those Arabs who wished to recognize Israel's right to exist. Furthermore, after the Arab nations unjustly expelled their Jewish citizens in 1948, Israel immediately provided a haven for such Jewish refugees -- without resorting to the disgrace of creating refugee camps.

(The Arab states have failed the Palestinians.)