Calgary Sun | 01Oct2010 | Orest Slepokura

Attention span

Re: Rick Bell: “Lights, cameras, hypocrisy,” (Sept. 30, 2010). In 2006, pop superstar Paul McCartney and his wife Heather were filmed on an ice floe off Newfoundland getting up close and personal with a seal colony. They called on the Canadian government to end the “heartbreaking” commercial hunt of harp seals. Soon after, the couple was making news with a nasty divorce, their thoughts no doubt now preoccupied with their own domestic life. Anyone know if Sir Paul or his ex has been active on the seal-hunt file in recent years? Will oilsands critic and film director James Cameron still be tracking the degree to which our energy industry is, or isn’t environmentally friendly four years from today?

Orest Slepokura

(Fame is often fleeting and so are celebrity causes.)