Edmonton Sun | Sep. 12, 2001 | Orest Slepokura

A time of self-reflection

The Editor:

RE: "A time of self-reflection and unholy war," Mindelle Jacobs, Edmonton Sun, September 12, 2001.

In the run-up to the Jewish New Year, Mindelle Jacobs may also find it useful to reflect on these other sins, alongside those she checklists in the Arab Muslim column in her ledger on the moral failings of what she dubs the "rogue" elements within Islam:

In the past 25 years, Israeli Jews have sold the Guatemalan colonels the arms used to commit genocide against Guatemala's Mayan Indians, carried out joint nuclear weapons tests with South Africa's racist apartheid regime, provided new state-of-the-art U.S. military technology to China's communist dictators, helped the Marxist thugs running Ethiopia eliminate their political opposition, trained death squads for Columbian drug dealers and arranged shipment networks for Manuel Noriega's Panama (Mike Harari, anyone?) to bring cocaine from Latin America to North America and, incidentally, committed many atrocities against Arab Muslim civilians.

Sincerely yours,

Orest Slepokura
Strathmore AB