Calgary Sun | November 11, 2001 | Orest Slepokura

Young Iranians should reconsider enthusiasm

Mindelle Jacobs lauds under-25 freedom-loving Iranians "who have no time for oppressive leaders who see western monsters under every bed" ("Tiptoeing through minefield," Nov. 3, 2001). If any of them found time to read Eric Margolis' Nov. 4, 2001 column, it would cause them to reconsider such youthful enthusiasm.

Margolis recalls observing firsthand the help the U.S. and Britain extended to Iraq to enable Saddam Hussein to develop chemical and biological weapons of mass destruction to sustain Iraq's unprovoked aggression in its decade-long war on Iran and Iranians ("First, the bad news, then ... the bad news.")

Margolis: "In the Anglo-American view, chemical and biological weapons were fine -- so long as they were used to kill or maim Iranian Muslims who opposed western interests."

Orest Slepokura

The Sun's editorial comment: (A tangled web of intrigue.)