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Demjanjuk 2001 Denaturalization Trial

May 29 - June 07, 2001

After the release of John Demjanjuk from an Israeli prison Sept. 22, 1993, we expected that he would be able to live peacefully in his home in Cleveland, Ohio. Shortly after, the courts ruled that the Office of Special Investigations (OSI) had perpetrated fraud on the court in obtaining his extradition in 1986 and denaturalization in 1981, restoring his citizenship as a result.

We were thus shocked when, on May 19, 1999, the OSI launched another denaturalization case against Mr. Demjanjuk. This case started on May 29, 2001 in Cleveland under the auspices of Judge Paul Matia.

Summaries of the seven days of testimony are archived in the following 2 html files:

News media articles commenting on the trial are archived directly below. Background material, articles and external links are accessible at the following internal link.

Will Zuzak; 2001-05-29; 2001-07-11; ...,  2009-12-31

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'Demjanjuk murdered my father in 1947'  Jerusalem Post, 18Dec2009; David Horovitz [L.P., W.Z.]
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Demjanjuk was not Ivan the Terrible, but he's on trial again  Toronto Sun, 11Dec2009; Peter Worthington
Hometown of 'Nazi' Demjanjuk recall a 'good man'  VoxantNewsroom, 08Dec2009; AFP TV [video]
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The Germans have built a house of cards and the hurricane is coming
  ePoshta, 05Dec2009; John Demjanjuk Jr.
Boycott German goods in condemnation of immorality of John Demjanjuk's trial  ePoshta, 05Dec2009; Myroslava Oleksiuk
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If you were starving to death and Nazi soldiers took you prisoner, how would you respond?
  Kyiv Post, 03Dec2009; Jan Czekajewski
Accessory vs. Perpetrator  gilad.co.uk, 03Dec2009; Gilad Atzmon
If John Demjanjuk had butchered people for the Soviet's Red Army, he would be a free man  Irish Independent, 03Dec2009; Kevin Myers
Analysis: Some still believe he is a victim  Jewish Community, 03Dec2009; Efraim Zuroff  [W.Z. links, comment]
Corrections and clarifications  Manchester Guardian, 03/05Dec2009, Corrections editor/John Mortl  [Censorship]
Demjanjuk trial day canceled due to illness  Kyiv Post, 02Dec2009; Associated Press
Demjanjuk too ill for court  CBC News, 02Dec2009, Associated Press
Esther Raab remembers seeing John Demjanjuk at Sobibor death camp  Atlantic City, 01Dec2009; Daniel Walsh  [W.Z.]
My Nazi Revenge  Newsweek, 27Nov2009; Tom Teicholz  [W.Z.]

Demjanjuk accused of sharing Nazi ideology Yahoo News, 01Dec2009; David Rising
A 'bizarre showpiece' as Germany confronts its past  Globe and Mail, 01Dec2009; Naomi Buck [W.Z.]
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Kurt Schrimm finds new lead in Brazilian archive  Bloomberg, 27Nov2009; Patrick Donahue, Brian Parkin [W.Z.]
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'The last great Nazi trial'  Maclean's Magazine, 10Nov2009; K. Engelhart  [W.Z.]
Traficant lashes out at power of Israel   American Free Press, 05Nov2009; Michael Collins Piper
Uli Busch on the Demjanjuk situation   Ukr. Graduates of Detroit/Windsor, 01Nov2009; Dr. Uli Busch

Witness in War Crimes Trial Could Face Indictment   Spiegel, 02Nov2009; G. B´┐Żnisch and J. Friedmann
Demjanjuk witness to be charged with war crimes Deutsche Welle, 01Nov2009; Rick Demarest
Relatives to be represented at Demjanjuk war crimes trial EarthTimes.org, 31Oct2009; dpa
Case of John Demjanjuk: A Human and Ukrainian issue Letter, 29Oct2009; Askold Lozynsky [Ukrainian; video]
Traficant speaks to AFP: Demjanjuk excerpt American Free Press, 23Oct2009; Peter Papaheraklis
The Demjanjuk Case: Moral Hollywood  ePoshta, 23Oct2009; Halya Coynash [English/Ukrainian]
Germany's highest court rejects John Demjanjuk's appeals Winnipeg Free Press, 21Oct2009; Associated Press
Esquire Magazine Glorifies Accused SS Guard John Demjanjuk Chance and Necessity, 21Oct2009; D. Friedland
John Demjanjuk: The last Nazi  Esquire, 15Oct2009; Scott Raab
The Nazi 'Extermination Camp' of Sobibor  therebel.org, 08Oct2009; Paul Grubach

Ayoon Wa Azan (The Lobby Set Him Up Because of His Support for Demjanjuk)   Dar Al Hayat, 04Oct2009; Jihad el-Khazen
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German court rules Demjanjuk trial to go ahead   Toronto Star, 02Oct2009; Associated Press
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Motions Rejected  Information, 03Sep2009; J. Demjanjuk Jr
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Germany's Double Standard in War Crimes Trials  Pyjamas Media, 23Aug2009; John Rosenthal  [R.K. comment]
As prey die, what next for Nazi hunters  Toronto Star, 21Aug2009; C. Johnson  [W.Z. 2 links]
Ex-Nazi found guilty by court that will try John Demjanjuk  Cleveland Jewish News, 21Aug2009; M. Karfeld [W.Z.]
Demjanjuk lawyer calls for case to be closed  msnbc, 12Aug2009; Associated Press
Ukrainian World Congress writes Angela Merkel re Demjanjuk  Ukrainian World Congress, 15Jul2009, J. Darewych

Survivors approved as plaintiffs in Demjanjuk trial  Cleveland Jewish News, 24Jul2009; M. Karfeld
A Dickens tale
 Montreal Gazette, 23Jul2009; Roman Korol
Press Release  13Jul2009; John Demjanjuk Jr
Alleged Nazi war criminal John Demjanjuk trial to break legal ground in Germany  San Francisco Sentinel, 10Jul2009; C. Meyer [W.Z.]
Wiesenthal Center gives Ukraine an 'F' grade for prosecuting Nazis  ePoshta, 06Jul2009; Michael Sawka
Partners in perfidy  ePoshta, 06Jul2009; Myroslava Oleksiuk
Germany seeks headlines with sensational charges  ePoshta, 03Jul2009; John Demjanjuk Jr [4 Der Spiegel links]

The Demjanjuk deportation  National Law Journal, 29Jun2009; Michael Tigar, John Broadley, John Demjanjuk Jr. [W.Z. link]
Katyn Forest Massacre  Daily Mail, 25Jun2009; J. Rees
Thomas Walther: The man who brings Demjanjuk into court  Schwabischen Zeitung, 23Jun2009; Unknown [W.Z. summary]
My reminder to Germany, the World War II greatest war criminal  e-Poshta, 17Jun2009; M. Prytulak
John Demjanjuk Jr.: It is very clear  e-Poshta, 17Jun2009; J. Demjanjuk Jr.
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Double standard of war crimes  Leader Telegram, 07Jun2009; T. Mueller
Poles Review Postwar Treatment of Germans  New York Times, 01Nov1994; C. Whitney [W.Z.]

John Rosenthal: Agent for the Holocaust Industry and Ukrainophobe  03Jun2009, Will Zuzak (4 links)
Miscarriage of justice: John Demjanjuk case troubles conscience  Kyiv Post, 21May2009; A. Semotiuk
The Demjanjuk Farce: Germany Prepares a Show Trial  Pyjamas Media, 21May2009; J. Rosenthal  [W.Z.]
Polish farmers collaborated with Nazis, says Der Spiegel  Polskie Radio, 20May2009; (gm/pg)
Holocaust and Holodomor  Window into Palestine, 19May2009; N. Lysson (2007)
John Demjanjuk Saga  Natall News, 18May2009; P. Grubach (2001)
War Crimes  Clare County Review, 04May2009; R. Allen  [W.Z.]

Demjanjuk in German prison for Nazi guard charges  Associated Press, 12May2009; R. Losch, M. Eddy [W.Z.]
Former Nazi death camp guard arrives in Germany  Associated Press, 12May2009; R. Isermann [W.Z.]
Demjanjuk deported  Jewish Telegraph Agency, 11May2009; JTA [J.S. comment]
Suspected Nazi guard Demjanjuk on plane to Germany  Associated Press, 11May2009; M. Kropko

Ruling of Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals  01May2009; Kennedy, Gibbons, Rogers (Circuit Judges)
U.S. court clears way for Demjanjuk removal  Reuters, 01May2009; A. Stern [W.Z. link]
Demjanjuk may be deported, U.S. appeals court rules  Los Angeles Times, 01May2009; Michael Muskal [W.Z.]
Nazi war crimes suspect unfit to stand trial
 iol.co.za, 30Apr2009; German Press Agency
Video of John Demjanjuk shows him walking without assistance
 Cleveland Plain Dealer, 23Apr2003; J. Caniglia [W.Z.]
Evil machinations of OSI against John Demjanjuk
 e-Poshta, 16April2009, W. Zuzak [3 links]
US court seeks information on Demjanjuk deportation  Reuters, 16Apr2009; A. Stern [W.Z.]
Court grants John Demjanjuk reprieve from deportation; plane was ready to leave for Germany Cleveland Plain Dealer, 15Apr2009, J. Caniglia [W.Z. link]
Deportation halted, Demjanjuk returns to Ohio home Taiwan News, 15Apr2009; M.R. Kropko
In Demjanjuk's Ukrainian hometown, memories linger of an infamous son Christian Science Monitor, 14Apr2009; G. Stack [W.Z.]
Demjanjuk lawyer: Deportation to Germany imminent  14Apr2009, Associated Press
The True Haters  Human Events.com, 14Apr2009; Patrick Buchanan
Nazi suspect's deportation appeal rejected  cnn.com, 10Apr2009; Terry Frieden (Good Friday) [W.Z.]
Suspected Nazi can stay in U.S. for now: Officials  dose.ca; 08Apr2009; AFP; M. Oberman [W.Z. 3 links]
John Demjanjuk tries again to avoid deportation  Boston Herald, 07Apr2009; Associated Press
'Death camp Nazi' can be deported  bbc.co.uk, 06Apr2009; News
U.S. slams court decision to halt Demjanjuk's deportation  haaretz.com, 04Apr2009; N. Mozgovaya
U.S. judge stays Demjanjuk deportation  reuters.com, 03Apr2009; S. Reich, J. Vicini [W.Z.]
Germany targets Demjanjuk  Toronto Sun, 30Mar2009; Peter Worthington [Slepokura comment]
Unbiased View of the case of John Demjanjuk  pravda.com.ua, 24Mar2009; Marta Onufriv (courtesy ePoshta 30Mar2009)
Has time run out for Nazi-hunters?  Manchester Guardian, 14Mar2009; D. Cesarani [W.Z.]
How many Nazi criminals did Germany punish in 60 years?  Haaretz, 12Mar2009; Tom Segev
Alleged Nazi camp guard charged 29,000 times  Yahoo.com, 11Mar2009; D. Rising
Former Nazi camp guard charged 29,000 times  Breitbart.com, 11Mar2009; D. Rising
U.S. pensioner charged after being accused of overseeing 29,000 murders as a Nazi guard  Daily Mail, 11Mar2009; A. Hall
Nazi Guard, Sick Old Man or Both?   Spiegel.de, 06Mar2009; C. Meyer
Nazi death camp guard will be tried: prosecutor  Reuters, 25Feb2009; Eric Kirschbaum
Germany to advance Demjanjuk inquiry, reports magazine  Trend News, 15Feb2009; dpa [W.Z.]
Legalist: It's a long road to Hague  Y Net News, 26Jan2009; Yael Levy
We want 'Ivan' for new trial - Nazi hunter   Montreal Gazette, 11Nov2008; J. Cox (Reuters) [W.Z.]
Spain to seek extradition of Nazi war criminals from US bignewsnetwork.com, 17Jul2008; IANS
Lawyers ask Spanish court to charge 4 alleged ex-guards at Nazi camps Haaretz.com, 25Jun2008; Associated Press [W.Z.]
Civil rights group wants John Demjanjuk extradited to Spain for war crimes Cleveland Plain Dealer, 24Jun2008; J. Caniglia
Germans To Put Ivan The Terrible On Deaths Trial Daily Record, 20Jun2008; A. Hall [W.Z.]
Court rejects case involving alleged Nazi guard Washington Post, 19May2008; P. Yost
Demjanjuk loses deportation appeal Toronto Star, 30Jan2008; T. Kinney [W.Z.]
Alleged Nazi guard appeals deportation Associated Press, 29Nov2007; T. Kinney [W.Z.]
Man with reputed Nazi past fights deportation from U.S. woi-tv.com, 29Nov2007; Associated Press
Ex-Nazi guard John Demjanjuk may be deported from U.S. soon Haaretz, 26Aug2007; Associated Press [W.Z.]
Demjanjuk will likely remain in U.S. Cleveland Plain Dealer, 05Apr2007; J. Caniglia [W.Z.]
US 'Nazi guard' faces deportation BBC News, 22Dec2006; News Staff [W.Z.]
US Panel Upholds Deportation Of Alleged Nazi Guard playfuls.com, 22Dec2006; News Staff [W.Z.]
Detectives, luck uncover 100 Nazis in US e-Poshta, 01Nov2006; E. Rosenbaum [W.Z.]
Holocaust Industry and SBU Collaboration AUR781, 26Oct2006; Embassy of Ukraine to USA [W.Z.]
Accused Nazi Loses Another Round in Court YahooNews, 29Dec2005; M.R. Kropko [W.Z.]
Judge Orders Accused Nazi Guard Deported abcnews, 28Dec2005; Associated Press
Creppy urged to deport Demjanjuk to Ukraine Boston Herald, 29Nov2005; Associated Press
Accused Nazi Demjanjuk can be deported - Judge reuters.com, 20Jun2005; Reuters
Accused Nazi Appears at Hearing in Ohio Yahoo.News, Feb. 28, 2005; Associated Press
Nazi chasers will also hunt modern-day monsters USA Today, Dec. 27, 2004; P. Eisler
U.S. seeks to deport accused Nazi Demjanjuk Haaretz, Dec. 18, 2004; Reuters
U.S. Asks for Deportation of Demjanjuk New York Times, Dec. 17, 2004; Reuters
Demjanjuk loses bid to retain citizenship Cleveland Plain Dealer, Nov. 18, 2004; J. Caniglia
Retract, repent and apologize National Post, Aug. 21, 2004; M. Prytulak
Poland demands Ottawa censure CTV over 'insult' National Post, Aug. 18, 2004; M. Blanchfield
ADL Applauds the Decision Upholding the Revocation of John Demjanjuk's Citizenship U.S. Newswire, Apr. 30, 2004; M. Shinbaum
Demjanjuk 'evidence' Globe and Mail, Mar. 08, 2004; L. Prytulak

Demjanjuk appeals loss of American citizenship Cleveland Plain Dealer, May 16, 2002; B. Sloat
Lawyer criticizes revoking Demjanjuk's citizenship Buffalo News, Feb. 24, 2002; T. Buckham
Death Camp Suspect Loses His Citizenship NATION, Feb. 22, 2002; E. Lichtblau
Key dates in John Demjanjuk Case Associated Press, Feb. 21, 2002
Accused Nazi's Citizenship Revoked AP, Feb. 21, 2002; P. Singer

Nazi Saga Takes a New Turn Los Angeles Times, July 14, 2001; E. Slater
Demjanjuk, Again!? Jewish World Review, June 11, 2001; E. Fettmann
Demjanjuk trial ends JTA, June 10, 2001
John Demjanjuk Update, 2001/06/05 To Internet, June 05, 2001; W. Zuzak
What really lies behind the Demjanjuk trial To Caniglia/Sullivan, June 04, 2001; P. Grubach
Witness: Demjanjuk documents real InfoBeat News, May 31, 2001; T.Sheeran
U.S. takes Demjanjuk back to court Globe and Mail, May 31, 2001; P. Koring
U.S. takes Demjanjuk back to court Unknown, May 29, 2001; Unknown
Justice targets Demjanjuk, 81, again Washington Times, May 29, 2001; J. Seper
John Demjanjuk back on trial Ha'aretz, May 29, 2001; Reuters
U.S. resumes effort to prove Demjanjuk's Nazi past Ha'aretz, May 26, 2001; Reuters
News at a Glance JTA, May 23, 2001
Judge in Demjanjuk case wants transcripts Cleveland Plain Dealer, Feb. 16, 2001; B. Sloat