National Post | Aug. 21, 2004 | Myroslaw Prytulak
Letter to Editor

Retract, repent and apologize

From: M. Prytulak
Sent: August 21, 2004 1:43:49 PM
To:[email protected]
Subject:Mike Blanchfield's article, National Post, August 18, 2004, page A5

August 21, 2004

Letters to the Editor
National Post
Toronto, Ontario

Dear Editor:

The National Post's proclamation (Poland Demands Ottawa Censure CTV Over Reports, August 18, 2004) that "convicted Nazi war criminal John Demjanjuk [was] a guard at the Treblinka concentration camp", and that "An Israeli court convicted him of war crimes and crimes against humanity for being a notorious gas chamber guard known as Ivan the Terrible" is totally void of any journalistic integrity, truthfulness and reality.

Because, as your paper ought to know by now, it is a rationally incontestable fact that not only did the Supreme Court of Israel find, in 1993, John Demjanjuk to be innocent, but also that the 26-year-long most thorough investigations conducted throughout the entire world by the assorted Wiesenthal fierce "Nazi-hunters", the Mossad, KGB, OSI, CIA, FBI and others, separately and collectively, also failed to document that he is guilty of any crimes whatsoever, perpetrated anywhere, anytime.

In view of all these, then, is it possible that your sneaky reporter, Mike Blanchfield, is privy to some Demjanjuk-connected secrets which are unbeknown as yet to anybody in the universe, or is he merely hallucinating? Pray, explain; if incapable - retract, repent and apologize!


Myroslaw Prytulak
Windsor, Ontario