Action Ukraine Report #781 | 26Oct2006 | Embassy of Ukraine to USA
Item 21


US Holocaust Memorial Museum thanks the Security Service of Ukraine for a "stellar level of co-operation."

Embassy of Ukraine to the USA
Washington, D.C., Tuesday, October 24, 2006

WASHINGTON - The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington and the Security Service of Ukraine have extended their co-operation agreement for another 5 years.

During the signing ceremony the Director of the Museum, Sara Bloomfield, thanked Ukraine for bringing their co-operation in the field of the exchange of historic documents to a "truly stellar level". Ukraine can serve as a showcase for other European countries, she said.

The SBU archive director Serhii Bohunov and the head of the SBU Information department Valerii Holod stressed that over last 5 years Ukraine has shared with the United States more than 150 thousand files on the history of the Holocaust.

Both sides expressed their hope to maintain the current level of co-operation in the years to come.


CONTACT: Volodymyr Samofalov, Embassy of Ukraine to the USA,
Washington, D.C., [email protected]
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[W.Z. 2006-12-26: Three recent articles indicate an unholy collaboration between the Security Services of Ukraine (SBU) and the Holocaust Industry:

[Link] Holocaust Industry and SBU Collaboration (2006-10-24)
[Link] Rosenbaum apologia for OSI (2006-10-24)
[Link] Demjanjuk deportation ruling (2006-12-21)

I find this "collaboration" between the SBU and the Holocaust Industry (including the Holocaust Museum, the Wiesenthal Centers and the Office of Special Investigations) extremely disturbing. In the second article, the director of the OSI, Eli Rosenbaum, clearly indicates that the OSI chooses its victims for denaturalization and deportation from the information supplied by the SBU to the U.S. Holocaust Museum. The third article, indicates that the OSI is determined to deport Mr. Demjanjuk to Ukraine.

Should Ukraine decide to accept Mr. Demjanjuk, it is certain that the Holocaust Industry will demand that Mr. Demjanjuk be charged with war crimes resulting in a trial reminiscent of the Moscow Show Trials of the 1930s and/or Mr. Demjanjuk's 1987 show trial in Jerusalem. Ukrainian-Jewish relations are certain to suffer.

In this context, it is disheartening that during his recent trip to the United States (Dec. 04-07, 2006) the Prime Minister of Ukraine, Viktor Yanukovich, declined to meet with the Ukrainian Diaspora, but (presumably) did meet with Jewish organizations. Furthermore, that Vladimir Putin supported sanctions against Iran after making a deal with George Bush, does not bode well for U.S. support for Ukraine or for peace in the world.]