Press Release | 13Jul2009 | John Demjanjuk Jr

FYI, this is what I sent out this morning in response to the news of charges filed.

"As long as my father remains alive, we will defend his innocence as he has never hurt anyone anywhere.  They have hurried to justify the deportation and the violation of his legal and human rights with sensational charges but it is all a farce and cannot withstand the test of litigation.  German doctors have confirmed he has about 15 months to live due to an incurable leukemic bone marrow disease, Myelodisplastic Syndrome.  His condition will continue to worsen and he will not have the opportunity to fairly litigate the matter as he successfully did in Israel once before. 

The Germans have victimized him since nearly killing him as an enemy Ukrainian Red Army soldier and again as a Ukrainian POW.  If the Munich court accepts this farce, he will end his days once again suffering at the hands of the Germans, not on the battle field this time but in a prison hospital."