ePoshta | 22Nov2009 | George Primak

Re: Video statement by Askold Lozynskyj after visit with John Demjanjuk

Dear Editor,

I have listened to the video statement of Askold Losynskij made after his visit with John Demjanjuk at the Munich prison (ePOSHTA Nov. 4, 2009). I am very sad about the fate to which John Demjanjuk is subjected and I hope that justice will prevail and he will again beat the odds and be proven innocent.

However, I really don't blame the Germans for what is happening to John Demjanjuk. I blame the Americans, in particular the American Jews. The Jew infested OSI targeted Demjanjuk from the very beginning and decided that he should be punished. First they labeled him "Ivan the Terrible" and expelled him to Israel hoping that he will be hanged there. To do this, they deceived the courts by withholding testimony and a list of camp guards that documented the true identity of Ivan the Terrible. So much for the American justice system.

When the Israeli Supreme Court found him not guilty in 1993, and he returned to the United States and regained his citizenship, Jewish organizations started protest marches in front of his house in Cleveland. And the OSI could not accept defeat and instituted further court actions against Demjanjuk until they found a compliant judge who again rescinded Demjanjuk's citizenship. However, according to U.S. law, they could not prosecute him for war crimes committed outside the United States. So the U.S. Government (meaning the OSI) tried to extradite John Demjanjuk to Ukraine or Poland, but both refused for obvious reasons. But then the U.S. Government put pressure on its NATO ally and good friend Germany to take Demjanjuk and prosecute him for war crimes committed during the NAZI regime. And, of course, the Germans accepted. They did it first so as not to displease the Americans and second, because they are anxious to demonstrate that they were not the only ones who persecuted Jews during the war. Moreover, Germans seem to despise Ukrainians and don't really care about the Ukrainian reaction.

But the main culprits are the Americans who bent the law to the hilt in order to destroy one of their own citizens because vengeful American Jews didn't like him. So, maybe we should be protesting in front of American embassies rather than German.

George Primak
Montreal, Canada