ePoshta | 06Jul2009 | Myroslava Oleksiuk (editorial)

Partners in perfidy

Apparently Russia was offended that it was not included in the Allied commemoration of D-Day last month. La Russophobe empathetically agrees with Russia http://larussophobe.wordpress.com/2009/06/20/editorial-forgetting-russia/:

Their behavior in World War II should not have been forgotten. It was so loathsome, vile and contemptible that it must be made to live in infamy right along with the cowardly Japanese sneak attack on Pearl Harbor.

French, American and British leaders should have reminded the world how Russia stabbed them in the back during the conflict by making a secret alliance with Hitler and trying to carve up Eastern Europe with the Nazis.

It is outrageous that they didn't mention the barbaric manner in which Soviet dictator Josef Stalin carried out a campaign of mass-murder and ethnic genocide that made Hitler look like a small-time dreamer.

How could they not have pointed out that because of its treachery and despotism, the USSR no longer exists while all three of them lead countries with economies and standards of living and political civility which make Russia, the USSR's heir, look like a banana republic?

How dare our leaders speak about D-day without saying words like Katyn and Holodomor and Gulag Archipelago? Those posed at least much of a threat to the values we fought to defend in World War II as the Nazis.

It would have been nice, too, if the Allied leaders had insisted that Russian text books stop lying about the role their countries played in World War II, seeking instead to lavish all the credit on Russia and ignoring the total collapse of the USSR just a short while later, in the 1980s. Worse, they ignore Stalin's malignant deal with Hitler, pretending that Russia was the innocent victim of Nazi aggression when in fact Russia was as much the cause of World War II as Germany. Had Russia stood firmly with the Allies from the outset of Hitler's rise to power, his armies might never have set foot outside Germany's borders.

So next year, let's be sure the remember the barbaric atrocities visited upon us by our so-called Russian "allies" during World War II. And let's make sure we don't get played for fools again.

Yet, once again, Germany and Russia have reconstituted their WWII camaraderie. This time, instead of splitting up physically the territory of nations between them, they are collaborating in trying to prove to the world that their own degrading history was, in fact, not so much their doing.

Russia will never forgive Ukrainian nationalists for fighting them for Ukraine's independence and therefore, since the war, has made it a central tenant of their propaganda to convince the world that Ukrainian nationalists were Nazi collaborators (preferring to ignore documentation to the contrary in Ukraine's interior ministry, newly opened, archives).

Aiding its ally, Germany is selling out historical truth for payment in Russian gas. Add to that the longterm "incentive" provided by the Simon Weisenthal Centre to find something to minimize its culpability for WWII war crimes, Germany is getting ready to prosecute, for Nazi war crimes, a Ukrainian prisoner of war captured by the Germans, as they razed Ukraine and brought its people to their knees (with 8 million Ukrainians killed in WWII, 2.3 slave labourers in Germany and 10 million left homeless). Today, when German law limits the prosecution of Germans for Nazi war crimes, it is gearing up for a politically motivated, justice impaired, show trial of the John Demjanjuk to teach young Germans that their ancestors were not entirely to blame for the Holocaust.

Rather than coaching Russia in the tenants of democracy, the two countries, as in Hitler's time, seem to only be able to find common ground in perfidy.

Myroslava Oleksiuk
editor, ePOSHTA