ePoshta | 06Jul2009 | Jaroslaw Sawka
Letter to Editor

Re: Wiesenthal Center gives Ukraine an 'F' grade for prosecuting Nazis


They seem to forget that the Communist regime of the USSR EXECUTED or MURDERED more people accused of Nazi crimes and /or collaboration (whether they were guilty or not) than ANY other country or ALL other countries combined !  What is truly ludicrous is that this - Wiesenthal Center - is a Holodomor genocide denial group and as such should automatically be designated as a HATE group under the same anti-hate legislation that makes it a crime to deny and/or trivialize the Holocaust and the Holodomor (the later included-thanks to one of the few foresights of Yuschenko) and should be prosecuted as such to the full measure of Ukrainian law. This hate group has consistently been blind to Communist atrocities (and Stalin's Willing Executioners and GULAG personnel including guards) and crimes against the Ukrainian people.  They deserve more than a triple F for their hypocrisy and violation of Human Rights by aiding and abetting false witness and persecution of innocent people and instigating hatred and inter-ethnic strife. 

What Ukraine deserves to get an "F" in, is its lack of bringing Communist terrorists and their collaborators to justice!!!!

ALWAYS-Remember-the VERY last person to be released AFTER the USSR/GULAG empire dissolved was a UKRAINIAN nationalist political prisoner of conscious! Where is the conscience of the Wiesenthal hucksters/hustlers?

Jaroslaw Sawka