Media with Conscience | 07Dec2009 | Gilad Atzmon

You Want to Understand Anti-Semitism?
Just Look in the Mirror

Benjamin Weinthal, the Jerusalem Post’s correspondent in Berlin wondered earlier this week whether Germany has learned from its Nazi history? The question is in itself very intriguing. Considering its past, one may expect Germany to oppose any form of racist, discriminatory, expansionist and nationalist ideology. Bearing in mind Israelis are considered the ‘Nazis of our time’ by more than just a few commentators, one may expect the Germans to advise the Israelis what not to do. One may also expect Germany to stand by the Palestinians for the Palestinians are, de facto, the last victims of Hitler.

Do not hold your breath. When Jpost’s writer Weinthal refers to Germany learning from its history, he means the complete opposite. What he seeks is German subservience to the Zionist ideology and Jewish national interests. Weinthal, wants to see a clear diplomatic rift between Germany and Iran in the name of the Shoa and its memory. “With regard to its more future-oriented responsibility to prevent Iran's acquisition of nuclear weapons and its threats to obliterate Israel, critics say Germany is stumbling.” Weinthal makes it transparent that as far as Zionists are concerned, guilt-tripping the Germans is the way forward.

Weinthal reports that the paths of Iran and Demjanjuk crossed at the International Mideast Freedom Forum Berlin conference ‘Time to Act’ last weekend. “The Berlin conference's policy experts raised questions about Germany's historic responsibility to Israel and the lessons from the genocidal Nazi anti-Semitism.” In case one is failing to understand, the Jewish lobby in Germany is mounting pressure on German politicians and academia to increasingly act against Iran in the name of Jewish suffering.

In the conference Dr. Charles Small , the head of the Yale ‘Initiative for the Interdisciplinary Study of Anti-Semitism’ insisted that Germany had failed to extract the necessary lessons from the Nazi period. The Germans, according to this exceptionally lame ‘interdisciplinary’ academic Zionist do nothing to prevent an “Iran-organized Shoah”.

Zionist academics are indeed amusingly innovative. Interestingly enough, I myself never thought that Anti Semitism is a subject for an ‘interdisciplinary’ study. I always believed that if Zionists and Jewish tribal campaigners are interested in the origin of anti Jewish feeling all they really need to do is to look in the mirror. In fact Dr Small and the Jpost’s Weinthal who promote the prospects of a new world conflict in Germany should self-reflect so they understand where the resentment to Jewish nationalism and tribal activism are coming from. Once again, it is Jewish activists who openly promote conflict. Once again they do it in the name of Jewish suffering. This is enough to make Jewish national politics a repugnant concept.

“Holocaust denial is unlawful in Germany”, says Weinthal, yet Iranian Holocaust-deniers are welcome in German conferences. For a change Weinthal is almost correct. There is indeed an element of discrepancy here. But it can be resolved quite easily. Holocaust denial laws in Germany and anywhere else must be abolished immediately. It doesn’t make any sense that a certain historical chapter within our living memory should be legally restricted. Holocaust denial laws are an assault against humanism and free thought. Leave alone the fact that they make the Zionist Shoa narrative look highly suspicious.

Weinthal concludes by posing a criticism of German intellectual integrity. “Historical responsibility unites Demjanjuk and the Islamic Republic”, yet he continues, “the glacier-like pace at which the connection is being understood is rather surprising in a country that helped to develop philosophical thinking based on connections.”

There is a Glimpse of truth in Weinthal’s argument. On the face of it there is a discrepancy here between the German legal action and the state’s attitude towards Iran. Yet again, the solution is pretty simple: as I argued in a previous paper, Demjanjuk should have never been put on trial in Germany or anywhere else for ‘accessory’ charges. If the Germans are interested in Nazi ‘accessories’ they may start with the Jewish Kapos, continue with the Judenrat and eventually finish with the Zionist agencies that collaborated with Nazis all along the war.

According to Weinthal, the Germans fail to ‘make connections’. I would advise Weinthal that the Germans are indeed famous for their superior philosophers. It is also depressingly notable that Germany didn’t produce a single major philosophical work or a great symphony since the end of WWII. Due to its guilt and the constant Zio-centric pressure, Germany is wary of its own greatness or even greatness in general. Instead of hosting some major academic conferences that would elaborate on questions to do with Being, Ethics or Metaphysics (following the tradition of Kant, Hegel, Nietzsche and Heidegger), Berlin is welcoming some of the shallowest ‘interdisciplinary’ Zionist minds, the likes of Dr. Charles Small. Germany must immediately liberate itself of this pseudo academic trend.

Unlike Weinthal, I do believe that Germans have not lost their ability to think, to judge and to ‘make connections’. Germans do grasp what is really going on. In dismay they see the crimes that are committed in Palestine by the Jewish state. Germans may be confused by it all, but not for too long. Making the necessary ethical connections is inevitable.

To conclude, I do not think that anyone except Zionists doubt the fact that German people learned their lesson. However, it is evidently clear that Israelis, Zionists and Jewish Interdisciplinary tribal activists fail to draw the necessary lesson from the Shoa. Instead of making our planet a peace seeking habitable place the Zionists and Jewish tribal activists use Jewish suffering as an excuse for more wars and world conflicts. Zionists had a chance to open a new page in Jewish history. They obviously failed completely. The images of Israel starving Palestinians and dropping white phosphorus on populated neighborhoods depict a total Israeli ethical failure. Israel implements genocidal tactics. Israel is the only state to practice Nazi like racist discriminatory ideology and policies.

If Israel and its supporters want to tackle anti-Jewish resentments they should stop chasing their critics at once. They instead better look in the mirror and understand once and for all that the problem is inside.

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