e-Poshta | 17Jun2009 | Myroslaw Prytulak

My reminder to Germany, the World War II greatest war criminal

According to the findings of the Institute of History of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences, published in 1984, 8 million Ukrainians (2.5 million soldiers and 5.5 million civilians) were killed in WW2. In addition, 2.3 million of them were slave-labourers in Germany, and 10 million were left homeless.

The above-listed facts alone do not prove, of course, that during WW2  there were no Ukrainian war criminals. There must have been some, even vile ones. After all, not all Ukrainians are saints!

However, to date, none of the numerous post-WW2, most-thorough and world-wide investigations by assorted Wiesenthal and B'nai Brith centres, Zionist movements, hordes of the so-called "Nazi-hunters", the KGB, Mossad, OSI, CIA, FBI and others, were successful in the discovery, let alone conviction in any Criminal Court of Law, of any Ukrainian guilty of any WW2 war crimes.

And it's highly unlikely that in the oncoming show-trial the "evidences" submitted to the German judicial big-wigs by the vociferous finger-pointing bigots and perpetual whiners of the partisan media, will be adequate enough to convict the ailing 89-year-old Demjanjuk of being an ACCESSORY in killing by German assassins (are they still in jail?) of 29,000 inmates of the Sobibor concentration camp, some 65 years ago; thus, potentially making him the greatest and only Ukrainian WW2 war criminal.

Really, if Germany has any decency and is genuinely interested in the prosecution of WW2 war criminals, it ought to leave the eternally terrorized John Demjanjuk alone, and go after her very own war criminals. Undoubtedly, there must be many thousands of them still alive, who either murdered or were ACCESSORIES in the slaughter of 8 million (8,000,000 !!!) brave ukrainians, especially Ukraine's 5.5 million peaceful civilian Untermenschen.

Myroslaw Prytulak
Windsor, Ontario, Canada