| 04Sep2009 | Michael Collins Piper


Wrongfully imprisoned Congressman comes home to warm welcome after spending seven years in federal jail

Michael Collins Piper lists one of the ten reasons James Traficant was imprisoned as:

Coming to the defense of Ukraine-born Cleveland autoworker John Demjanjuk, who was falsely charged by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) and the Justice Department‘s Office of Special Investigations of being a “Nazi war criminal”—only to be cleared, ironically, by an Israeli court. (Ultimately, with Traficant sidelined in his own federal trial, they went after Demjanjuk again on “new” charges and restarted the process of seeking to deport the beleaguered old man, who is now in Germany facing trial on 29,000 counts of being an accessory to the alleged murder of European Jews.)