EPoshta | 03Jul2009 | John Demjanjuk Jr.

Germany seeks headlines with sensational, but legally weak charges Demjanjuk will not live to defend

We will vigorously dispute the prosecutor’s decision in the Munich court. We know the German doctors have determined my father has about 16 months to live due to his incurable leukemic bone marrow disease, myelodisplastic syndrome. It took 7 years to litigate an indictment on Sobibor and Treblinka in Israel which resulted in an acquittal on all charges. With less than a year and a half for my father to live, a career seeking German prosecutor is hastily pressing forward with a 100% politically motivated effort to blame Ukrainians and Europeans for the crimes of the Germans. This has nothing to do with bringing anyone to justice or fitness for trial. My father will not live to fairly litigate the matter as has successfully done before. They will now file sensational charges to make headlines that could never withstand a fair test of litigation. There will be no evidence of even 1 specific murder because he has never harmed anyone in his life. The Germans have only victimized him since he was a Ukrainian soldier in the Red Army, Ukrainian POW and now an 89yr old great grandfather with barely a year to live. Were he guilty, we could not continue defending him and none of it would matter. But he is innocent, has been acquitted in Israel and if the Munich court accepts this farce, that is how he will likely end his days - sadly in a prison for the crimes of others.

[W.Z.  ePoshta provides the following 4 links to English-language articles in Der Spiegel -- all of which are media hype on behalf of the Holocaust Industry. We do not know if anyone has written and submitted critical refutations of these articles to Der Spiegel.]

All Clear for Nazi War Crimes Case: Doctors Declare Demjanjuk Fit to Stand Trial
Accused Nazi death camp guard John Demjanjuk has been deemed fit to stand trial by doctors in Munich. The 89-year-old could appear in court as early as this autumn in what will most likely be Germany's last big Nazi war crimes trial.

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