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One Sick Jew Enjoying Demjanjuk’s Show Trial
[Photo of Michel Friedman at the trial of Demjanjuk]
“Friedman was fined for possession of cocaine and using ‘forced prostitutes.’ The fact that the ‘prostitutes’ were young Ukranian girls who had been kidnapped was kept out of the story.”

The secret Jewish power that controls Germany can be seen in the severe occupation laws and proclamations, which remain in effect to this day as part of the Basic Law (Grundgesetz) — the “temporary” law of the foreign occupation. The occupation law of 1945, which was supposed to be replaced with a proper constitution, still serves as Germany’s constitution. The Jewish power behind the occupation law can be seen in the distorted system of justice that punishes honest historians severely while letting Jewish criminals run wild. The ongoing trial in Munich of the 89-year-old John Demjanjuk has brought, once again, one of Germany’s notorious Jewish criminals into the spotlight. His name is Michel Friedman. Friedman, born in Paris, is a well-known lawyer, journalist, television personality, Zionist leader and former vice chairman of the Central Council of Jews in Germany.

Friedman has been attending the trial of John Demjanjuk, a frail Ukranian immigrant from Cleveland, and promoting himself and the Zionist agenda as he is paid to do. The fact that Michel Friedman is the criminal who should be on trial for the outrageous crimes he has committed is never discussed in the controlled press.

Michel Friedman was the vice chairman of the Central Council of Jews when he was found guilty of possession of cocaine and using the services of “forced prostitutes.” He was forced to resign from his official positions and given a fine of some 17,000 Euros but that, as the late Paul Harvey would say, is only half the story. 

Prostitution is legal in Germany so the illegal use of “forced prostitutes” gives us some idea of the human slavery Friedman was up to. The “forced prostitutes” that Michel Friedman used on hundreds of occasions were very young girls, mostly from the Ukraine, who had been tricked, trafficked, and kidnapped into becoming sex slaves.

I heard the rest of the Friedman story from a friend in Berlin who is a female police investigator who was involved in the Friedman investigation. I had complimented the German police by saying something about how a 9-11 cover-up could not happen with the honest police of Germany. 

She disagreed saying that she had personally witnessed a similar cover-up of a series of serious crimes committed by Michel Friedman. Friedman, unmarried and using an alias, had on hundreds of occasions ordered two underage girls to serve his sexual needs. They were always to be very young, about 15 or 16, and large-breasted. The police had found evidence of some 371 different times when Friedman, using the alias Paolo Pinkas, had requested pairs of girls to be sent to him. Hundreds of young girls were violated by Friedman, the drug-addicted sexual pervert. Where is the justice? Why is Friedman allowed to get away with human trafficking and sexual crimes that would result in a long prison sentence for anyone else?

Friedman withdrew from all public offices and apologized to the German people asking for “a second chance.” He did, however, not apologize to the “forced prostitutes” or their families because that would have meant revealing the huge number and ages of the young girls involved. That would have exposed this Jewish spokesman for the criminal beast he is. On July 8, 2003, Friedman received his light punishment.  He was fined €17,400 for three packages of cocaine found by the police – that’s it.

The police investigator who told me this, herself a mother of a young daughter of the same age as Friedman’s victims, was personally devastated by the way the evidence of his serious sexual crimes was covered up by the court and prosecutor. She had to take time off and be treated for depression. I can understand how she must have felt to have witnessed such a travesty of justice. What I can’t understand, however, is why the German media has not revealed the full extent of Friedman’s crimes. A well-known German journalist was part of this discussion about Friedman and knows all the sordid details of the Friedman dossier.  The controlled media of Germany would simply not allow such a story to be published about the criminal conduct of one of Germany’s leading Jews.

This is how the Jewish crimocracy works. Jewish criminals like Bernard Madoff of New York, Joachim Posener of Sweden, and Michel Friedman of Germany are allowed to get away with outrageous and serious crimes, the extent and nature of which are never revealed to the people. Other criminals, like Menachem Atzmon of Israel, are allowed to control sensitive operations in Germany, such as the port of Rostock, and the United States, where this convicted Israeli political figure and Mossadnik ran passenger screening operations at the airports of 9-11. The fact that Atzmon’s crucial role in the terrorism of 9-11 has not been divulged in the tort litigation of 9-11 underlines the Zionist control of the obstructed judicial process in which the relatives of 9-11 seek in vain to obtain justice and accountability for their losses. Eight years after the attacks there has still not been a trial for the families who lost loved ones on 9-11 and it appears there never will be a trial in the court of U.S. District Judge Alvin K. Hellerstein, a devoted Zionist and father of a son who lives on an illegal Israeli settlement on the West Bank.

If the mass media were to inform the people of Germany and the United States of the crimes committed by such Jewish criminals the exposure alone would have a cathartic effect. This is why it is essential for the survival of our nations that Jewish criminals be treated in the same way as every other criminal. This is the first step to recovering our national sovereignty.

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