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October 24, 2006
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Detectives, luck uncover 100 Nazis in US

Painstaking detective work, scouring historical records and an occasional lucky break have helped the US government solve some of the coldest cases of the Holocaust era and find more than 100 Nazi collaborators.

[W.Z. By definition, the majority of the inhabitants in the areas occupied by the German army during World War II collaborated with the Germans in one way or another.]

"You get to put together some of the most intricate detective puzzles," said Eli Rosenbaum, director of the US Justice Department's Nazi-hunting Office of Special Investigations.[OSI]

"We've got the coldest cases of all," he said, using the police phrase for old, unsolved cases. "If you can prove one of these cases, you can do just about anything."

He described how his investigators discovered Elfriede Rinkel, a San Francisco woman sent back to Germany last month after admitting she served as a guard at its Ravensbruck concentration camp during World War II.

The US Holocaust Museum in Washington obtained copies of the personnel cards from the concentration camp as part of its efforts to preserve Holocaust records and shared them with his office, Rosenbaum said.

[W.Z. Thus, Rosenbaum confirms the direct connection between the OSI and the Holocaust Industry (including the Holocaust Museum and the Wiesenthal Centers) -- not to "preserve Holocaust records", but to persecute their hapless victims of that era.]

Of the 1,000 names, his investigators found that the 83-year-old German native and citizen was the only one living in the United States. They did further research on her responsibilities at the camp for female prisoners.

As part of the investigation "we Googled her name", Rosenbaum said. The researchers found an article in a Jewish newspaper about the death in 2004 of her husband, a German Jew and a Holocaust survivor.

Rosenbaum interviewed Rinkel about a year ago and asked whether she ever told her husband about what she did during the war. "She waved it off and said, `Yes, but he wasn't interested'." But he said Rinkel now claims she never told her husband.

She was the first woman deported since the office's creation in 1979. With an annual budget of $US5 million ($A6.6 million), and a staff of 30 that includes 12 lawyers and 10 historians, it has deported or stripped the US citizenship of 103 individuals.

The office brought a record 10 new prosecutions in 2002, and has 17 cases in litigation. "We are swamped," Rosenbaum said.

"We found in the former Soviet Union and other communist countries a veritable treasure trove of evidence," he said in explaining the increase in cases.

[W.Z. The "collaboration" of the so-called "security services" in the FSU (including Ukraine) with the Holocaust Industry is a threat to the democratic development of these nations.]

Rosenbaum said his office is in a race against the clock to bring cases as soon as possible, with most of the suspects now in their 80s. "The grim reaper has been depriving us of suspects," he said.

The United States cannot prosecute the cases criminally, mainly because the events took place on foreign territory. But it can assist in the extradition of Nazi war criminals to stand trial abroad.

[W.Z. Once again, the OSI admits that it deliberately abrogates justice. It first labels its victim as a "Nazi war criminal", makes no effort to prove the allegation, denaturalizes its victim on a supposed immigration infraction, deports its victim to a recently-liberated-from-Communism country struggling to create a non-corrupt judiciary, then uses the inordinate influence of the Holocaust Industry to corrupt the judiciary of that country.]

One of the office's most notorious cases involved John Demjanjuk, who was accused of being the sadistic Nazi death camp guard "Ivan the Terrible".

Extradited to Israel, he was tried and sentenced to death. But he was freed in 1993 after newly released records from the former Soviet Union showed another man was probably the sadistic guard.

[W.Z. We note that Rosenbaum does not mention that the U.S. courts ruled that the OSI perpetrated "fraud on the court" in obtaining both the extradition of John Demjanjuk to Israel and (separately) in obtaining the denaturalization of John Demjanjuk in the first place. The reference to "newly released records from the former Soviet Union" is pure disinformation. Even prior to and during the initial denaturalization trial, the OSI had in its possession material indicating that Mr. Demjanjuk could not possibly be the alleged "sadistic guard".]

Demjanjuk returned to the United States, and the office brought a new case against him. A judge ruled Demjanjuk could be deported to his native Ukraine for being a guard at three Nazi concentration camps, a ruling that Demjanjuk is appealing, Rosenbaum said.

He said the office's mission in the future will shift to investigate naturalised US citizens who have participated in more recent acts abroad of genocide, torture or state-sponsored murder, an expanded mission that Congress approved in 2004.

[W.Z. That the same personnel in the OSI which has been defiling justice for so many years, would now be allowed to use similar techniques for "modern war criminals" is mind-boggling! There is a crying urgency for the U.S. judiciary to bring acts of "genocide, torture or state-sponsored murder" in Palestine-Israel, Lebanon, Iraq and Afghanistan to justice. Many of the perpetrators are American and Israeli citizens.]

The office now has 46 individuals under investigation, mostly from Rwanda and the former Yugoslavia, Rosenbaum said. That for the first time exceeds the number of individuals - 45 - under investigation for Nazi activities.

"We are very aggressively pursuing the modern cases," he said. Of the Nazi cases, he said, "We are in the closing phase of this effort."

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[W.Z. we note that no authors are attributed. Also, I would like to both thank e-Poshta for publishing this article, as well as chastise e-Poshta for not inserting critical comments to warn the reader of its scurrilous nature.]

[W.Z. 2006-12-26: Three recent articles indicate an unholy collaboration between the Security Services of Ukraine (SBU) and the Holocaust Industry:

[Link] Holocaust Industry and SBU Collaboration (2006-10-24)
[Link] Rosenbaum apologia for OSI (2006-10-24)
[Link] Demjanjuk deportation ruling (2006-12-21)

I find this "collaboration" between the SBU and the Holocaust Industry (including the Holocaust Museum, the Wiesenthal Centers and the Office of Special Investigations) extremely disturbing. In the second article, the director of the OSI, Eli Rosenbaum, clearly indicates that the OSI chooses its victims for denaturalization and deportation from the information supplied by the SBU to the U.S. Holocaust Museum. The third article, indicates that the OSI is determined to deport Mr. Demjanjuk to Ukraine.

Should Ukraine decide to accept Mr. Demjanjuk, it is certain that the Holocaust Industry will demand that Mr. Demjanjuk be charged with war crimes resulting in a trial reminiscent of the Moscow Show Trials of the 1930s and/or Mr. Demjanjuk's 1987 show trial in Jerusalem. Ukrainian-Jewish relations are certain to suffer.

In this context, it is disheartening that during his recent trip to the United States (Dec. 04-07, 2006) the Prime Minister of Ukraine, Viktor Yanukovich, declined to meet with the Ukrainian Diaspora, but (presumably) did meet with Jewish organizations. Furthermore, that Vladimir Putin supported sanctions against Iran after making a deal with George Bush, does not bode well for U.S. support for Ukraine or for peace in the world.]