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Demjanjuk 2009 Munich Trial

November 30, 2009 - May 12, 2011

Marmur: The clash between justice and law  Toronto Star, 30May2011; Dow Marmur [W.Z.]
Demjanjuk: 'Terrible Case'  Edmonton Sun, 27May2011; Orest Slepokura
The Extreme Implications of the Demjanjuk Ruling  World Affairs, 27May2011; Alexander Motyl
Ukrainians back Demjanjuk, convicted and stateless  Kyiv Post, 27May2011; Associated Press
Lvov Regional Council sides with war criminal  Voice of Russia, 25May2011; Ukrainophobia
Demjanjuk taken to seniors' home in Bavarian curort  UNIAN, 23May2011; Unian [Ukr]
Press catches Demjanjuk at German nursing home (updated)  Kyiv Post, 23May2011; Associated Press
No satisfaction in Demjanjuk case  Toronto Sun, 21May2011; Peter Worthington
Demjanjuk: Dreyfus in reverse  Kyiv Post, 19May2011; Askold Lozynskyj
Different fates  Calgary Herald, 19May2011; Lubomyr Luciuk
Ukrainians cling to belief that Demjanjuk is innocent  Jewish Forward, 18May2011; Paul Berger [W.Z.]
Convicting Demjanjuk of No "Specific Crimes"  New American, 18May2011; Jack Kenny
Not an excuse  Winnipeg Free Press, 17May2011; Editorial
Demjanjuk in Munich  New York Times, 16May2011; Deborah Lipstadt  [D.R. comments]
The Deeper Meaning of the Demjanjuk Verdict  Der Spiegel, 16May2011; Gisela Friedrichsen [W.Z.]
Prosecutors appeal Demjanjuk's release from jail  Jewish Telegraph Agency, 16May2011; JTA
German prosecutors appeal John Demjanjuk release  Kyiv Post, 16May2011; Reuters
Prosecution appeals decision to free Demjanjuk  Kyiv Post, 16May2011; Associated Press
Injustice  Calgary Herald, 15May2011; Orest Slepokura
Disturbing dilemma  Globe and Mail; 14May2011; Garth Evans
What the Demjanjuk verdict means for war crimes prosecutions  CBC News, 13May2011; Jennifer Clibbon interview of Rebecca Wittmann
Nazi camp guard gets 5-year sentence in Germany  Los Angeles Times, 13May2011; Janet Stobart
I will shed no tears for John Demjanjuk  Huffington Post, 13May2011; Dorian de Wind
The Persecution of John Demjanjuk  Townhall, 13May2011; Pat Buchanan
Demjanjuk lawyer confident he won't serve time  Kyiv Post, 13May2011; Associated Press
Demjanjuk released from German prison  Kyiv Post, 13May2011; Associated Press
Lawyer: Convicted Nazi guard Demjanjuk needs a home  Kyiv Post, 13May2011; Reuters
Demjanjuk convicted in Germany, then set free because of age  Kyiv Post, 13May2011; Reuters
Sheftel: Denjanuk Verdict is a 'Farce'  Israel National News, 13May2011; Elad Benari
Demjanjuk Convicted of Nazi War Crimes  Israel National News, 12May2011; Chana Ya'ar
Demjanjuk's son calls dad's conviction shameful  Yahoo News, 12May2011; Johnny Demjanjuk Jr. [video]
Holocaust death camp guard Demjanjuk found guilty  Der Spiegel, 12May2011; CGH
John Demjanjuk found guilty of war crimes  Jewish Telegraph Agency, 12May2011; Toby Axelrod
German court convicts then frees Demjanjuk  Kyiv Post, 12May2011; Reuters
Demjanjuk convicted over Nazi camp deaths (updated)  Kyiv Post, 12May2011; Associated Press
Nazi guard freed after German conviction  Yahoo News, 12May2011; Francis Curta
Ukraine welcomes Nazi guard's conviction  Expatica, 12May2011; Agence France Press
Demjanjuk convicted in Nazi death camp case  CBC News, 12May2011; CBC staff
Demjanjuk convicted in Nazi death camp case  Globe and Mail, 12May2011; David Rising
Hope's alive for John Demjanjuk  Cleveland Plain Dealer, 11May2011; Michele Lesie (reprint from 1991)
Demjanjuk attorney: Client never served as guard (updated)  Kyiv Post, 11May2011; Associated Press
Interview with Nazi War Crimes Prosecutor  Der Spiegel, 10May2011; Ulrich Maa▀ [W.Z., link]
Demjanjuk attorney disputes trial's legitimacy (updated)  Kyiv Post, 10May2011; Associated Press

US gov't opposes public defender in Nazi case  Kyiv Post, 06May2011; Associated Press
Families of Sobibˇr Victims Value Memory over Malice Der Spiegel, 05May2011; Gisela Friedrichsen [W.Z.]
Demjanjuk attorney: Client suffered like Jews did  yahoo.com, 05May2011; Andrea Jarach
Demjanjuk attorney: Client suffered like Jews did  Kyiv Post, 05May2011; Associated Press
INCREDIBLE!  Smith Report 181, 04May2011; Bradley Smith
Demjanjuk attorney says his client a victim (updated)  Kyiv Post, 04May2011; Associated Press
Defense lawyer assails case against Demjanjuk  Kyiv Post, 03May2011; Associated Press
Please wear Ukrainian blouses/shirts to the Munich court process on Tue./Thu., 03/05May2011  Email, 02May2011; Vera Busch [German]

Being John Demjanjuk  Andrejbusch.de Blog, 17Apr2011, Andrej Busch
Demjanjuk document -- Soviet forgery? Zhura, 15Apr2011; #2(30) [Ukr, German]
Show your solidarity with John Demjanjuk by coming to court May 3 – 5, 2011 ePoshta, 15Apr2011; Vera Busch
Merkel kaput! ePoshta, 15Apr2011; Dukh Voli [Ukr]
Judge won't suspend Demjanjuk plea over FBI file (updated) Kyiv Post, 14Apr2011; Associated Press
Trial of suspected Nazi mass murderer John Demjanjuk could be based on fabricated evidence, FBI claims Daily Mail, 13Apr2011; Allan Hall
Demjanjuk's SS identity card was forged, his lawyer says Local Germany, 13Apr2011; AFP/ka
Demjanjuk defense requests trial suspension USA Today, 13Apr2011; Associated Press
Co-plaintiffs urge Demjanjuk conviction Kyiv Post, 13Apr2011; Associated Press
AP Exclusive: FBI thought Demjanjuk evidence faked KyivPost, 12Apr2011; Herschaft [L.P.]
Demjanjuk: experts have determined that the evidence of his guilt are false (TSN) Maidan, 04Apr2011; Ok [Ukr, video]
John Demjanjuk turns 91 on 03Apr2011 Munich, 03Apr2011; Vera Busch

KUN calls on Munich judges to display objectivity and humanism Congress of Ukrainian Nationalists, 29Mar2011; Volodymyr Manko [Ukr]
Appeal of Congress of Ukrainian Nationalists to the Munich court Congress of Ukrainian Nationalists, 29Mar2011; KUN executive [Ukr]
German prosecutors want six years in prison for Ukraine-born Demjanjuk Kyiv Post, 23Mar2011; Christian Kraemer  [Eng/Ukr, comments]
John Demjanjuk, Suspect Nazi Guard, Should Be Convicted: Victim Families
Huffington Post, 23Mar2011; unattributed  [links]
Prosecutors: clear evidence Demjanjuk was at camp  Kyiv Post, 22Mar2011; Associated Press  [W.Z.]
Why is the diaspora silent at this crucial moment?  ePoshta, 18Mar2011, Halyna Mokrushyna [Eng/Ukr]
New "Memorial Center" planned for the Sobibor "Death Camp"
Smith's Report #180, 15Mar2011; Thomas Kues
Svoboda leadership met with John Demjanjuk's lawyer  Svoboda, 07Mar2011; VO Press Agency [Ukr]
Defense for Ukraine-born Demjanjuk asks for more evidence  Kyiv Post, 03Mar2011; Associated Press

Third Statement of John Demjanjuk in Germany  Munich Court, 22Feb2011, John Demjanjuk [pdf in Ukr/Eng]
Ukrainian-born Demjanjuk threatens hunger strike  Kyiv Post, 22Feb2011; Associated Press
Statement of Ukrainian-born John Demjanjuk in Germany  Kyiv Post, 22Feb2011; John Demjanjuk
Alex Nagorny under investigation in Germany for Nazi killings Huffington Post, 18Feb2011; David Rising [W.Z.]
Eisernes Schweigen und quńlende Erinnerungen Welt Online, 17Feb2011; Peter Issig
Demjanjuk's daughter appears at trial  Kyiv Post, 10Feb2011; Associated Press [comment: Danilchenko statement]
Demjanjuk defense says it has new evidence  New York Times, 08Feb2011; Associated Press
John Demjanjuk -- the universal scapegoat  Kyiv Post,  01Feb2011; Marco Levytsky

Smith's Report on Demjanjuk (p4-5 opf Issue #178) Jan2011; Smith
Court rejects Demjanjuk defense motions  WKYC, 18Jan2011; Associated Press
Spain wants to put Demjanjuk on trial  Kyiv Post, 14Jan2011; Associated Press [4 links]
Demjanjuk attorney: testimony raises doubts  Fox News, 11Jan2011; Associated Press [W.Z.]
The agonizing pace of the last Nazi trial  Independent, 09Jan2009, Tony Paterson [W.Z., links]

Amherst College professor a witness to war-crimes trial of Nazi John Demjanjuk  GazetteNET, 14Dec2010; Undefined [W.Z.]

Doctor: No significant change in Demjanjuk health  Wasington Post, 25Nov2010; Andrea Jarach, David Rising
German court rejects Ukrainian-born Nazi suspect defense motions Kyiv Post, 23Nov2010; Associated Press
Demjanjuk Says German Court Has Taken His ‘Liberty’  Bloomberg Businessweek, 23Nov2010; Oliver Suess, Karin Matussek [links]
John Demjanjuk: Stop relentless persecution of me
Kyiv Post, 23Nov2010; John Demjanjuk
New US documents could feature in Demjanjuk trial  Washington Post, 16Nov2010; David Rising (AP)
Nazis Were Given 'Safe Haven' in U.S., Report Says  New York Times, 13Nov2010; Eric Lichtblau [W.Z., links]
Who speaks up for Holocaust survivors?  Veterans Today, 13Nov2010; Gordon Duff
The crucifixion of John Demjanjuk proceeds on schedule  Revisionist Review, 12Nov2010; Michael Hoffman [O.S. comment]
Demjanjuk’s Long Road to Justice Nears a Murky End  Forward, 19Nov2010; A. J. Goldmann [O.S. comment]
Demjanjuk Defense: Soviets Tortured Witnesses  CBS News, 11Nov2010; Associated Press
Veracity of Russian testimony - Nuremburg  Nuremberg Trial, 14Feb1946; Katyn Massacre
Demjanjuk says he's too sick for trial  wfmj.com, 09Nov2010; Associated Press
Demjanjuk trial to last longer than anticipated  Earth Times, 09Nov2010; staff
Accused Ukrainian-born Nazi guard says he's too sick for trial  Kyiv Post, 09Nov2010; Associated Press

Ukrainian-born Demjanjuk trial goes ahead despite health issues Kyiv Post, 26Oct2010; Associated Press [W.Z., comment]
Health issues raised again at Demjanjuk trial  fox12idaho.com, 25Oct2010; Andrea Jarach
Demjanjuk trial session postponed over health  Times Reporter, 13Oct2010; Associated Press
Demjanjuk trial hears evidence on 1978 deposition  Kyiv Post, 06Oct2010; Associated Press
Demjanjuk's lawyer again seeks release Seattle Times, 05Oct2010; Associated Press

Court rejects bid to bar testimony on Demjanjuk  Boston Herald, 14Sep2010; Associated Press  [W.Z. 3 links]
Germany: Demjanjuk trial meets after summer break  yahoo.com, 13Sep2010; Andrea Jarach  
John Demjanjuk's life story should be a Hollywood mini-series  Crime File News, 04Sep2010; "Blog"  [W.Z. link]

Documents suggest Demjanjuk link to the second Nazi camp  Kyiv Post, 11Aug2010; Associated Press
Demjanjuk attends shortened trial session  kwqc.com, 10Aug2010; Associated Press
Judge orders Demjanjuk to court  West Australian, 09Aug2010; Andrea Jarach  [W.Z.]
Demjanjuk session postponed over health issues  wkyc.com, 06Aug2010; Associated Press
Historian Doubts Demjanjuk's Wartime Account   abc News, 04Aug2010; Andrea Jarach [W.Z.]

German judge forces Demjanjuk top appear in court  reuters.com, 22Jul2010; Annika Breidthardt [9 links, W.Z.]
Demjanjuk trial session postponed in Germany  San Francisco Chronicle, 15Jul2010; Associated Press
Serving justice at Demjanjuk’s Munich trial
  Cleveland Jewish News, 09Jul2010; M. Karfeld
The Demjanjuk Trial: An Interim Assessment
  Jerusalem Center of Public Affairs, 01Jul2010; Houwink ten Cate

Ex-prosecutor says Demjanjuk story inconsistent  Kyiv Post, 30Jun2010; Associated Press [W.Z., link]
Demjanjuk trial in Munich postponed due to health  Seattle Times, 29Jun2010;  Jarach/Rising (AP)
Germany puts off Nazi criminal trial  Hindustan Times, 18Jun2010; Press Trust of India
Prosecutors open investigation into Demjanjuk witness that defense accuses of perjury  Fox News, 17Jun2010;  Rising/Jarach (AP)
'Nazi guard' trial extended by three months  IOL, 17Jun2010; AFP
Ex-Nazi camp official did not remember Demjanjuk
  Boston Globe, 16Jun2010; Andrea Jarach (AP)
Expert witness says photo once removed from Nazi ID card being as evidence against Demjanjuk
 Canada East, 10Jun2010; Andrea Jarach
Demjanjuk Expert: Documents Appear Genuine New York Times, 08Jun2010; David Rising (AP)

Demjanjuk remains in hospital for third day  Kyiv Post, 20May2010; Associated Press
Demjanjuk suffers heart pain: trial postponed  Google News, 18May2010; Associated Press
Attorney for John Demjanjuk moves to have 4 expert witnesses excluded from trial  Canada East, 04May2010; AP

‘Demjanjuk deserves no mercy’  Canadian Jewish News, 22Apr2010; Janice Arnold [W.Z.  2 links]
Judge who jailed Sobibor sub-commander says guards were powerless  Earth Times, 21Apr2010; DPA
Demjanjuk’s ID card as Nazi camp guard authentic, expert witness says World Jewish Congress, 15Apr2010, WJC [L.P.]
Court expert says 'Nazi guard' identity card authentic  Gulf Times, 15Apr2010; AFP  [3 links]
Accused Nazi guard claims mistaken identity  New Zealand Herald, 15Apr2010; Associated Press
Demjanjuk casts himself as victim of Hitler  Kyiv Post, 13Apr2010; Juergen Baetz  [4 articles]
Germany is Guilty  Declaration to Munich Court, 13Apr2010; John Demjanjuk
[Ukrainian version]
[German version]
Lanny A. Breuer  Federal News Service, 12Apr2010; Lanny Breuer  [W.Z., 2 links]

Psychiatric problems among the persecutors?  Associated Press, 24Mar2010; Lubomyr Prytulak  [RS, LP, OS]
Witness statement questioned at Demjanjuk trial  Kyiv Post, 16Mar2010; Associated Press [W.Z.]

Death camp guard's trial extended  Ottawa Citizen, 25Feb2010; Citizen
Demjanjuk trial: Former Nazi camp guard testifies  Kyiv Post, 24Feb2010; Associated Press  [JDJ comment]
Holocaust expert testfies in Demjanjuk trial  Canadian Press, 23Feb2010; David Rising  [link]
Demjanjuk attorney questions evidence  Kyiv Post, 10Feb2010; Associated Press  [W.Z.]
Witness: Demjanjuk's statements inconsistent  Kyiv Post, 09Feb2010; Associated Press
Investigator skeptical of new Demjanjuk claim  Kyiv Post, 04Feb2010; Associated Press
Demjanjuk is ill; trial in Edmonton postponed  Kyiv Post, 03Feb2010; Associated Press
Russian Sobibor survivor remembers Demjanjuk  Kyiv Post, 03Feb2010; Reuters [2 comments removed]

Investigator: Evidence shows Demjanjuk at Sobibor  Kyiv Post, 02Feb2010; Associated Press [8 comments, 3 removed]
Blurb biography of John Demjanjuk, so far  xoxol.org, 01Feb2010; Lubomyr Prytulak
The Shoa Must Go On  gilad.co.uk, 25Jan2010; Gilad Atzmon [video]
Survivor describes Nazi camp at Demjanjuk trial  Kyiv Post, 21Jan2010; Associated Press [W.Z.]
Sobibor survivor: 'I polished SS boots as dying people screamed'  Independent, 17Jan2010; Tony Paterson [W.Z.]
Demjanjuk trial hears of Nazi guards' use at camps  Kyiv Post, 13Jan2010; Associated Press
DEMJANJUK: Scapegoat for Jewish madness  soc.culture.israel, 07Jan2010; Friedrich Paul Berg [links]
A front row seat at Demjanjuk's Nazi war crimes trial  CBC News, 22Dec2009; Jennifer Clibbon [W.Z.]
My client isn't Nazi criminal -- man dubbed "Satan's lawyer" speaks out  Russian TV, 30Nov2009; Yoram Sheftel interview