Schwabischen Zeitung | 23Jun2009 | Holocaust Industry
[In German; W.Z. summary below.]

Thomas Walther: The man who brings Demjanjuk into court

Prior to his impending retirement in 2006 as district court judge since 1988 in Landau, Germany, 66-year-old Thomas Walther approached the Central Office for the Prosecution of Nazi Crimes in Ludwigsburg and shortly thereafter became one of four judges (along with prosecutors and police officers) to take up the case of John Demjanjuk.

Early in 2008, Mr. Walther examined transport lists (and Yad Vashem archives) of trains from Westerbork [Germany] to Sobibor [Poland] between 02 April and 20 June 1943 and identified 29,547 German Jews, who were [presumably] murdered on the day of their arrival. [Mr. Walther alleges that John Demjanjuk was a guard in Sobibor at this time.]

Mr. Walther spent many weeks researching the Yad Vashem archives in Jerusalem, the Federal Archives in Germany, National archives in Washington and the Red Cross Tracing Service in Bad Arolsen.

[W.Z. The rest of the article recycles the umbriage from the Jerusalem Show Trial in 1988 alleging John Demjanjuk was a sadistic guard in Treblinka, but the article does not mention Treblinka at all. Instead, it refers to Trawniki, Sobibor, Okzow, Flossenburg, operation "Reinhardt". This is the usual "Trial by News Media" that has been perfected over the years.

The mental stability of Thomas Walther is illustrated by his alleged remark that he considers this John Demjanjuk case to be the pinnacle of his career: "Was Größeres als Demjanjuk kommt nicht nach!" which translates into something like "Nothing comes bigger than Demjanjuk!"

One wonders why Mr. Walther didn't finish off his career by examining American war crimes against Germans upon the liberation of Dachau, or the millions of German POWs that died because of General Dwight Eisenhower's hatred of Germans or the several million Germans who were ethnically cleansed after WWII?]