| 24Mar2009 | Marta Onufriv
- courtesy ePOSHTA 30Mar2009

Unbiased View of the case of John Demjanjuk

The original of this article at the above URLs is in Ukrainian. We will only briefly summarize the contents.

(1) Ms. Onufriv was well acquainted with the John Demjanjuk case since 1992, when she sent several copies of her brochure "Sudylysche Tryvaje" to Ukraine. (It was eventually published in Kameniar, Lviv, 1995, page 38.) A Committee in Defense of John Demjanjuk was formed in Ukraine and headed by Volodymyr Katelnytsky, a well-known journalist.

(2) Background: KGB interest since 1960s - 1970s; Holocaust awareness propaganda, Simon Wiesenthal Centre, OSI, Deschenes Commission, etc.

(3) John Demjanjuk -- victim of political conspiracy:
- Michael Hanusiak (1975)
- Cleveland USA denaturalization case (1981)
- Extradition to Israel (1986)
- Charitable Committee in Aid of John Demjanjuk's Family (Canada, USA) raised funds and elicited support.
- Supporters -- Lord Denning, Patrick Buchanan, James Traficant, Nikolai Tolstoy, Willem Wagenaar, Wolf, Rullman, Peter Worthington, Ruth Okunaev, Kogan, Dov Eitan, Evron, etc.
- 25Apr1988 -- guilty verdict (death by hanging), 29July1993 -- Supreme Court of Israel overturned guilty verdict.
- 2009 -- new charges from Germany
- Change of generations has left no supporters in Ukraine and Diaspora. Only family is left.

(4) Coincidence or vengeance against supporters of John Demjanjuk?
- Nikolai Tolstoy lost civil court case; Patrick Buchanan lost presidential bid; Ruth Okunaev escaped from Israel; Dov Eitan defenestrated on 29Nov1988; Yoram Sheftel acid in face; Anita Pritchard attempted suicide; Volodymyr Katelnytsky and his mother were ritually murdered on 8/9July1998.