Information | 02Sep2009 | John Demjanjuk Jr.
No Decisions

There have been no decisions on our motions (6 of them) that have been filed in Munich to rescind the arrest warrant.  From the materials we have researched over the last few months, we have found and submitted multiple testimonies that show conclusively that the POWs were taken from the POW camps based upon their fitness and were told they were going to work.  They did not volunteer as OSI has always said.  They arrived in Trawniki and were told they would join the German military and guard work camps.  They were given an opportunity to decline (and go back to die in the POW camp) but of course nobody did.  They were told they would be shot if they tried to escape and we have multiple testimonies describing that Wachman were shot for escaping after a short military hearing.  Even though the new materials are not specific to my father, they prove that POW Wachmann were under coercion and fearing for their lives which make the allegations illegal according to German law.

At the most recent very brief (15 min.) hearing where the motions were to be discussed, they said they would rule before the end of September and if there were to be a trial we should be prepared for November.   Then we filed a confidential (because that is the way it is done in Germany) motion for the judges to recuse themselves for bias.  There is no fairness in the judicial atmosphere at the moment.

That is where things stand right now.