ePoshta | 16Apr2009 | William Zuzak

Evil machinations of OSI against John Demjanjuk

Dear Myroslava Oleksiuk:

(A)  In your 05Apr2009 issue of ePoshta, you posted the 30Mar2009 Toronto Sun article by Peter Worthington on the Demjanjuk issue. You and Marta Onufriv even provided a translation into Ukrainian. Unfortunately, this article contains several serious inaccuracies:

(1) “He co-operated with the Germans and subsequently worked as a perimeter guard at Sobibor, with no direct contact with prisoners.”

John Demjanjuk has always denied ever being in Sobibor or that the Trawniki ID card (which indicates a posting to Sobibor) is valid. (Perhaps because of his advanced age, Mr. Worthington is confusing Mr. Demjanjuk with Wasyl Odynsky in Poniatowa.)

(2) Mr. Worthington lists erroneous dates as to extradition and trial.

Although John Demjanjuk was extradited to Israel on Feb. 28, 1986, his trial did not commence until Feb. 16, 1987 and continued into February 1988. I believe the death sentence was proclaimed on April 24, 1988.

(3) “Demjanjuk's Israeli lawyer became so uneasy about the veracity of the evidence that he committed suicide.”

This probably refers to Dov Eitan, who joined the Demjanjuk defense to prepare the appeal of the death sentence and who was defenestrated from a fifteen story window on 29Nov1988.

The news media has had a field day since Judge Wayne Iskra first stayed the deportation order of Mr. Demjanjuk on Friday 03Apr2009 and reversed his own decision on Monday 06Apr2009. They mix up dates, events, locations and personalities into a huge stew which provides no information, but plenty of emotional verbiage.

Of course, they never refer to the criminality of the Office of Special Investigations (OSI) in perpetrating "fraud on the court" in the initial denaturalization trial in 1981 and his extradition to Israel in 1986. They simply ignore the fact that no handwriting expert has ever authenticated the signature on the Trawniki ID card as being that of Mr. Demjanjuk and the overwhelming evidence that this card is illegitimate. The reader is encouraged to read my “CRITIQUE of Wiseman’s Report” dated 12Oct1993 to begin to understand the evil machinations of the OSI.

Indeed, my Demjanjuk Files archived at
provide a wealth of information on the Demjanjuk case. This includes summaries of the testimony during the Jerusalem Show Trial (1987/88) and the second denaturalization trial 29May-07Jun2001, as well as newspaper articles since 16Feb2001 to the present.

(B)  Your 30Mar2009 issue of ePoshta contains a very interesting article in Ukrainian by Marta Onufriv on the Demjanjuk case. In it, she refers to a long brochure titled “Sudylyshche Tryvaje” (Kameniar, Lviv 1995, 38 pages), which was published in Ukraine. It would be very useful, if ePoshta could provide a link to an electronic copy of this article. It would be even more useful, if a link to an English translation of this article could be provided.

[e-Poshta has made the Ukrainian-language article available as a pdf file at
(Note that the second page is actually page 10 and is out of sequence from between pages 9 and 11.)]

Respectfully yours
Will Zuzak; 2009.04.11