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Viktor Brekhunenko replies to Ro Khanna's letter attacking Ukraine Viktor Brekhunenko, 19Jun2018; To: Ro Khanna
Canadian monument to controversial Ukrainian national hero ignites debate Radio Canada International, 09Jun2018; Levon Sevunts

Why Are Taxpayers Funding a Russian Propaganda Concert in Washington? Atlantic Council, 08Nov2017; Diane Francis

Umland needs a more balanced approach New Eastern Europe, 11Apr2017; Taras Kuzio

Ukraine's turbulent past between hagiography and demonization Raam op Rusland, 02Nov2016; Mykola Riabchuk, [2] Umland 07Mar2017, [3] Kuzio 11Apr2017

Bad History Doesn't Make Friends Foreign Policy, 25Oct2016; Andreas Umland [W.Z.]
In Russia’s religious rebirth, Putin is a new Pope Financial Post, 13Oct2016; Lawrence Solomon [W.Z.]

A British Foreign Secretary who excuses Russia’s invasion of Crimea? Human Rights in Ukraine, 14Jul2016; Halya Coynash

Real and fictional history in Ukraine's archives Kyiv Post, 09May2016; Volodymyr Viatrovych, [2] Josh Cohen, [3] Jared McBride, [4] 17Jun2016

Stalin’s Partisans in Ukraine World Affairs, 09Feb2016; Alexander Motyl

Human-rights groups sound alarm about Canada selling arms to Ukraine  Globe and Mail, 02Nov2015; Murray Brewster

Askold S. Lozynskyj to David Brooks: The Russia I Miss  New York Times, 11Sep2015; Askold Lozynskyj, [2] Brooks

In Ukraine, movement to honor members of WWII underground sets off debate  Washington Post, 06Jan2010; John Pancake, [2] UABA response, [3] UABA (ukr), [4] Pancake (ukr)

Our risky game in Ukraine  Globe and Mail, 23Apr2015; Lysiane Gagnon
Open Letter from Scholars and Experts on Ukraine  Krytyka, 20Apr2015; David Marples,  [2] Volodymyr Viatrovych (01May2015)

EuroMaidan Revolution a failure?  Kyiv Post, 04Jan2015; Boris Danik, [2] Adrian Karatnycky

The French far right secure a €9m loan from a Russian bank close to Putin  Blog, 24Nov2014; Anton Shekhovtsov

Orientalism reanimated: colonial thinking in Western analysts’ comments on Ukraine  Euromaidan Press, 27Oct2014; Fabio Belafatti

Will Angela Merkel double-cross Ukraine once again?  [email protected], 15Jul2014; Will Zuzak

Barbarism with a Human Face  London Review of Books, 20May2014, Slavoj Zizek
Meet the Cossack ‘Wolves’ Doing Russia’s Dirty Work in Ukraine  Time, 12May2014; Simon Shuster

Russia’s corruption campaign in the EU  Euromaidan PR, 02May2014; Thomas C. Theiner
'Progressive' silence on Putin's aggression  Kyiv Post, 24Apr2014; Bohdan Futala
Putin's New Kind of War  Slate, 16Apr2014; Anne Applebaum
Putin's Project   Frankfurter Allgemeine, 16Apr2014; Timothy Snyder

The Empire Strikes Back - Of History and Hydrocarbons  Mackenzie Institute, 23Mar2014; Myroslav Petriw [3], [2], [1]
Russian language thrives in Ukraine  Winnipeg Free Press, 24Mar2014; Raisa Moroz
A key to understanding Putin’s motives  Gorshenin Institute, 19Mar2014; Vladimir Voronov
Canadian firms with ties to Russia urge Ottawa to limit sanctions  [email protected], 19Mar2014; Will Zuzak
Ordinary Russians and Ukrainians have been betrayed by their leaders  The Guardian, 18Mar2014; Mikhail Shishkin
IAC: Ukraine War Alert  Will Zuzak, 16Mar2014; to Ramsey Clark
President Putin's Fiction: 10 False Claims About Ukraine  United States, 05Mar2014; to Vladimir Putin
Harper's Vote Grubbing Policy on Ukraine  Will Zuzak, 14Mar2014; to Murray Dobbin
Will Germany double-cross Ukraine again?  [email protected], 11Mar2014; Will Zuzak

Situation Update: The Ukrainian Revolution  Mackenzie Institute, 26Feb2014; Myroslav Petriw
Stumbling into an ethnic quagmire in Ukraine  Will Zuzak, 28Feb2014; to Jackson Doughart
Democracy Now: A New Cold War? Will Zuzak, 23Feb2014; to Amy Goodman
Washington Orchestrated Protests Are Destabilizing Ukraine Will Zuzak, 16Feb2014; to Paul Craig Roberts
“Who are the protesters in Ukraine?” Mychailo Wynnyckyj, 14Feb2014; to Keith Darden and Lucan Way
Euromaidan: Russia and the European Choice of the Ukrainians  Cicero Foundation, 01Jan2014; Jan Pieklo
Euro Maidan, the Ukrainian Revolution   Mackenzie Institute, 06Feb2014; Myroslav Petriw
Will Mobocracy triumph in Ukraine?  Will Zuzak, 06Feb2014; to Patrick Buchanan
Is Ukraine’s Opposition a Democratic Movement or a Force of Right-Wing Extremism?  Democracy Now, 30Jan2014; Stephen Cohen vs. Anton Shekhovtsov [22:27]
In Ukraine, fascists, oligarchs and western expansion are at the heart of the crisis  Guardian, 29Jan2014; Seumas Milne

Pro-Russian network behind the anti-Ukrainian defamation campaign  Blog, 03Feb2014; Anton Shekhovtsov [Photos, links]
Op-Ed: Ukraine protest movement must shun anti-Semitic elements  JTA, 15Jan2014; Oleksandr Feldman  [W.Z.]
Orange Revolution Redux In The Ukraine? The U.S. Should Stay Out Of This Fight  Forbes, 13Jan2014; Doug Bandow  [W.Z.]
Sochi's bloody history Ottawa Citizen, 14Jan2014; Carolyn Harris
Sochi Olympics -- Hide a Tsarist-Era Genocide Huffington Post, 02Jan2014; Brian Glyn Williams, [2] 'Kavkaz' article by Bohdan Klid
The Antidemocratic Roots of the Ukraine Protesters  Salem-News, 29Dec2013; Michael Munk  [W.Z.]
15,000 Nationalists March in Kyiv  ABC News, 01Jan201; Nataliya Vasylyeva  [W.Z.]

Propaganda War against Ukraine [email protected], 30Dec2013; Will Zuzak
How spread of Banderite slogans and symbols undermines Ukrainian nation-building  Kyiv Post, 28Dec2013; Andreas Umland  [W.Z.]

AP: Minneapolis man ordered Nazi-led attack, soldier says MPR News, 18Nov2013; David Rising and Randy Herschaft  [W.Z.]
Anti-Semitism in the Ukraine and Elsewhere in Europe  American Thinker, 03Nov2013; Michael Curtis  [W.Z.]

Heroes or traitors? Ukraine deeply divided over WWII legacy  Fox News, 01Aug2013; Associated Press  [W.Z.]
Volyn tragedy of 1943  ANVSU, 16Jul2013; Valentyn Yablonsky  [Ukr]
The tragic massacre in Volyn remembered  Economist, 15Jul2013; J.P.
Sejm resolution on Volyn 1943 Ukrainska Pravda, 12Jul2013; Yurij Syrotiuk; [2] Seym; [3] Borys Tarasiuk  [Ukr]
Volyn 1943 Kyiv Post, 11/03Jul2013; Volodymyr Viatrovych; [2] Andrzej Szeptycki; [3] Halya Coynash
Polish-Ukrainian civil war during 1940s  TsDVR, 15Jul2013; Stan Kobylko [W.Z.]
My father, Michael Karkoc, is not a war criminal  Star Tribune, 13Jul2013; Andrij Karkoc
"Borotba" press release re "Volyn Massacre"   Wall Street Journal, 11Jul2013; Sergey Kirichuk [W.Z.]
'Journalistic sensationalism' when reporting on commander of Nazi-led unit  Kyiv Post, 17Jun2013; Askold Lozynskyj

Revenge of the Himkas   Kyiv Scoop, 30Apr2013; Steve Bandera
From CheKa to SBU  Yaroslaw's Revenge, 21Mar2013; Myroslav Petriw (Mykola Riabchuk Ukr)
About historical discussions in Ukraine  Ukraina Incognita, 25Feb2013; Volodymyr Viatrovych  [Ukr + 2 articles]
Svoboda promoting hatred in Ukraine  Kyiv Post, 14Feb2013; Oleksandr Feldman  [W.Z.]
Ukrainian Anti-Semitism and Mila Kunis: Complicated by Facebook, Dictionaries  New York Observer, 07Feb2013; Drew Grant  [W.Z.]
First They Came for Mila Kunis  Algemeiner, 06Feb2013; Oleksandr Feldman  [W.Z.]

Pseudo-History from the Cabal  Ukrainian News, 01Jan2013; Ihor Broda  [W.Z.]
Untruth in "Ukrainian Truth"  Zakordonna Gazeta, 27Dec2012; Askold Lozynsky  [Ukr]
Moses Fishbein: The Jewish card in Russian special operations against Ukraine  Polit Ua, 25Jun2009; Moses Fishbein [Ukr/Eng]

Tiahnybok denies anti-Semitism in Svoboda  Kyiv Post, 27Dec2012; Interfax-Ukraine  [W.Z.]
Svoboda: The rise of Ukraine's ultra-nationalists  BBC News Magazine, 25Dec2012; David Stern  [W.Z.]
Mila Kunis Targeted  Huffington Post, 21Dec2012; Ukrainopobe Author Unknown [W.Z., links, comments]
Rabbi Asman asks that Ukrainains not use the word "Zhyd" in reference to Jews  RISU, 20Dec2012; Staff  [W.Z., Ukr]
Rabbi Milman supports the use of the word "Zhyd" in the Ukrainian language  Gazeta.ua, 19Dec2012; David Milman [W.Z., Ukr]
Ukraine okays 'Zhyd' slur [?] for Jews  Times of Israel, 19Dec2012; Stuart Winer  [W.Z., comments by R.S]
Why the word ‘zhyd’ stirs fighting in Ukraine   Kyiv Post, 05Dec2012; Yulia McGuffie  [W.Z., comments by R.S, jpg by O.T.]

Hatred in Ukraine   Jerusalem Post, 03Nov2012; Editorial  [W.Z., comments]
No anti-Semitism at state level in Ukraine   Kyiv Post, 31Oct2012; Ihor Kolomoisky  [W.Z., links, comments]
Don’t Isolate Ukraine, and Watch Those Neo-Fascists   Bloomberg, 30Oct2012; Tim Judah  [W.Z., links, comments]
Svoboda dismisses allegations of anti-Semitism   Kyiv Post, 29Oct2012; Oksana Grytsenko
Anti-Semitic party wins 12% of seats in Ukraine parliament   Haaretz, 29Oct2012; Eli Shvidler
Electronic Archives of the Ukrainian Independence Movement  avr.org, 20Oct2012; Electronic Archives [Ukr]
Who runs Ukraine?   Republican Party of Ukraine, 16Oct2012 | [Ukrainian pdf original]

Tymoshenko and the Ukrainian Diaspora: passivity and irrational hostility  Ukrainian News, 27Sep2012, Taras Kuzio
Law in a Linguistic Battlefield: Ukrainian vs. Russian  Language and Law, 02Sep2012; Bill Bowring

Stalin's Latest Victims   Ukrainian Vancouver, 27Jun2012; Myron Petriw  [W.Z., Eng/Ukr]
Jewish group objects to ‘Great Famine’ case   JTA, 15Jun2012; jta staff
Wiesenthal Center: Lviv Mayor covers up anti-Semitism  Jewish Journal, 12Jun2012; [Efraim Zuroff]  [W.Z., comments]

Controversial lawmaker accused of copyright breach by famous historian  Kyiv Post, 30May2012; Yurij Onyshkiv  [comments]
The Jewish card in Russian special operations against Ukraine  khpg.org.ua, 24Jun2009; Moses Fishbein

Renata Bogdanska: Ukrainian wife of Polish General Anders  YouTube, 13Apr2012; Irena Yarosevych
Activists: Svoboda party rejects ‘core political and economic freedoms’  Kyiv Post, 11Apr2012; Tyahnybok demonizers [W.Z.]
Ukraine's nationalist party embraces Nazi ideology  globalpost.com, 02Apr2012; Michael Goldfarb  [W.Z., comments]
A Lesson on the Anniversary of Taras Shevchenko  Ukrainian Vancouver, 09Mar1911; Volodymyr Jabotinsky  [Eng/Ukr/Rus]
The Snow Revolution's Orange Shadow  Turkish Weekly, 11Feb2012; Anders Aslund  [W.Z., link]

A dangerous law, indeed  Kyiv Post, 01Dec2011; Halya Coynash
Chronicle of the Orange Revolution  Channel 5 TV, 20/25Nov2005; Sviatoslav Tseholko [Ukr videos] -- courtesy Myron Petriw
A KGB Assassin Speaks  World Affairs, 18Nov2011; Alexander Motyl (+ Stashynsky interview in Ukr.)
Emigre strategies face Soviet and Ukrainian realities  Kyiv Post, 17Nov2011; Taras Kuzio
Ethnocide in Ukraine  ePoshta, 15Nov2011; Sviatoslav Karavansky
Third big fabrication of the "Jewish Holocaust". "Shuster Live Friday" dedication  100p.com.ua, 06Oct2011, Yuri Antoniuk [Ukr]
The Ukrainian CIA connection  Kyiv Post, 25Oct2011; Askold Lozynskyj  [W.Z., comments; Kuzio article]

70 years since Babyn Yar the Holocaust still has a lesson to teach Kyiv Post, 26Sep2011; John Tefft [W.Z., comments]
Is HURI still out there?  ePoshta | 03Sep2011 | Myron Kuropas  [W.Z.]
In Defense of the Ukrainian People  UAMuzik, 02Sep2011; Vasyl Pawlowsky [W.Z.]

Ukraine's Vanquished Jews from World War II  Kyiv Post, 24Jun2011; Natalia Feduschak (5 articles)  [W.Z.]

THEY WILL NOT SING  Ukraine Analysis, 11Feb2011; Mykola Riabchuk

People who don't like Stalin may be going to jail  Kyiv Post, 14Jan2011; Olesia Oleshko
Ukraine's alleged Nazi collaborator no hero  Kyiv Post, 12Jan2011; Associated Press [W.Z.]
Canada has it right  Canadian Defence & Foreign Affairs Institute, 13Dec2010; Oksana Bashuk Hepburn

Role of Repressive Organs in Strengthening the Totalitarian Regime (1945-1953) Book excerpt, 1994; Ivan Bilas [pdf file; Russian]
Repressive-Punative System and Mass Deportations of Nations (1945-1947)  Book excerpt, 1994; Ivan Bilas [pdf file; Russian]

Geopolitical Journey, Part 6: Ukraine  Stratfor, 30Nov2010, George Friedman
Holodomor, Wikileaks and Russia's Single Historical Space  Kyiv Scoop, 30Nov2010; Stephen Bandera
Let's put civility back into historical debates  Kyiv Post, 21Nov2010; David Marples [comments]
Joint textbook on absurd?  Day Kyiv, 16Nov2010; Pavel Kovaliov
Ex-director defends Lviv museum visited by PM  Montreal Gazette, 11Nov2010; Peter O'Neil
Historian hopes Harper's visit to Ukraine museum will help shed light on war atrocities  Vancouver Sun, 10Nov2010; Peter O'Neil
Ukrainian museum toured by Harper show 'one-sided' history of atrocities, critics say  canada.com, 05Nov2010; Peter O'Neil
The Worst of the Madness  New York Review of Books, 11Nov2010; Anne Applebaum [W.Z.]

SBU visit to Ukrainian Catholic University  UCU, 18May2010; Rev. Borys Gudziak
Is Ukraine headed towards civil war? Infoukes.com, 04May2010, Yurij Knysh [5 links in Ukrainian]
The Stepan Bandera Quandry  Kyiv Post, 19Apr2010, Andriy Semotiuk  [L.P. comment]
"Ukraine expert", eh?  Ukrainian News, 18Feb2010, Serhiy Kostyuk  [W.Z. link]
The Russian language in Ukraine  halychyna.ca, 2009, Oleh Chornohuz
Position of OUN towards the Jewish community  Ukrainian Center, 26Dec2008; Volodymyr Viatrovych [link in Ukrainian]

Polish president condemns hero title award for Bandera  Kyiv Post, 04Feb2010; Interfax-Ukraine [W.Z. , 24 comments]
People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones  Kyiv Post, 04Feb2010; Rabbi Yaakov Bleich [W.Z. , 9 comments]
Ukraine leader stirs controversy as he steps down  Vancouver Sun, 03Feb2010; Peter O'Neil [W.Z. , 2 comments]

Ukraine's chief Rabbi ready to give up state order to protest against Bandera award  Kyiv Post, 02Feb2010; Interfax-Ukraine [comments]
Ukraine's President recognizes Ukraine's Freedom Fighters  Ukrainian Canadian Congress, 01Feb2010; Paul Grod, Preisdent UCC
Yushchenko grants "Hero Status" to OUN-UPA  at Kruty commemoration  Presidential Ukase, 29Jan2010; Lubomyr Markevych [video]
Wiesenthal slams Ukraine award to nationalist  Kyiv Post, 28Jan2010; Associated Press [comments]
Bandera gets an award  Kyiv Post, 28Jan2010; staff
Ukraine 'hero' honour angers Moscow  Irish Times, 28Jan2010; Daniel McLaughlin
Russian reaction to Hero of Ukraine status to Stepan Bandera  Email, 27Jan2010; Lubomyr Markevych [9 links in Russian]
Russia blasts Ukraine leader for 'odious' award to nationalist  Kyiv Post, 26Jan2010; Reuters
Russia strongly criticizes hero title award for Bandera  Kyiv Post, 26Jan2010; Interfax-Ukraine
Russia's chief rabbi accuses Ukraine of distorting history  RIA Novosti, 26Jan2010; RIA staff
Russian Jewish Federation denounces Ukraine's decision to award hero title to Bandera  Kyiv Post, 25Jan2010; Interfax-Ukraine [comments]
What does Bandera mean to us?  Russia Profile, 25Jan2010; Roland Oliphant [comment]
Russian MPs rap Ukraine for honoring nationalist  Kyiv Post, 23Jan2010; Interfax-Ukraine
Stepan Bandera becomes Ukrainian hero  Kyiv Post, 22Jan2010, Interfax-Ukraine [video]
In Ukraine, movement to honor members of WWII underground sets off debate  Washington Post, 06Jan2010; John Pancake, [2] UABA response, [3] UABA (ukr), [4] Pancake (ukr)

Massakren i Vinnitsa, Ukraina  Altermedia Norge, 23Dec2009; unknown
Truthful History  Kyiv Post, 26Nov2009; Editorial

Intrigue over Stepan Bandera; Assassination  Stepan Bandera, 17Oct2009; Lubomyr Markevych
Sviato Pokrovy in Kyiv on 12Oct2009  Sviato Pokrovy, 14Oct2009; Lubomyr Markevych
Kyiv forum to discuss attempts to revise WWII history  Kyiv Post, 12Oct2009; Interfax-Ukraine
Ukraine fears for its future
Observer, 11Oct2009; Luke Harding
Russia plan to blackmail Ukraine over nuclear fuel supplies  Zerkalo Nedeli, 10Oct2009; Olha Kosharna [courtesy Lubomyr Markevych]
It's time for a Jewish boycott of the Ukraine  Haaretz, 08Oct2009; Anschel Pfeffer
Russia denounces UPA recognition in Talinn  Kyiv Post, 08Oct2009; Interfax-Ukraine

Russia slams Polish parliament's World War II resolution  kyivpost.com, 24Sep2009; Associated Press
Halychyna Division  oko.if.ua, 16Sep2009; Halychyna Division (Ukrainian video)
Russians try to rehab Stalin  Toronto Sun, 06Sep2009; E.  Margolis

"Derzhava Ukrajina" as a KGB project  [email protected], 01Sep2009; George Knysh
Ukraine, Poland and Baltic States under "Information War" AUR940 (20 articles), 01Sep2009; courtesy Morgan Williams
Ukraine pays KGB criminals   Cabinet Ministers of Ukraine, 25Aug2009; M. Petriw [English translation]
Ukraine's government pays its enemies   Cabinet Ministers of Ukraine, 17Aug2009, M. Petriw [Ukrainian original]
Russian-Ukrainian "relations"   fraza.ua, 11Sep2007; courtesy M. Petriw [Ukrainian/Russian]
Katyn victims in Kharkov were ‘limed’  Polish Radio, 10Aug2009; Wyborcza Gazeta

ePoshta website 25Jul2009; Myroslava Oleksiuk
AUHR #8  (Motyl article; misleading photo)  25Jul2009; courtesy Morgan Williams
Jabotinsky's embarassing offer  Haaretz, 19Jul2009; Shlomo Avineri
The head Nazi-hunter's trail of lies  Sunday Times, 19Jul2009; Guy Walters
AUHR #7  (Orlyk Constitution; Konotop Massacre)  11Jul2009; courtesy Morgan Williams
AUHR #6  (3 articles; Mazepa)  10Jul2009; courtesy Morgan Williams
AUHR #5 (Karatnycky & Motyl on Mazepa)  09Jul2009; courtesy Morgan Williams