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Subject: [politics] "Derzhava Ukrajina" as a KGB project...

A document has just been released, the work of Ukrainian investigators 
residing in the Czech republic.

Cf.  http://maidan.org.ua/static/news/2009/1251750349.html

and the discussion at   

The gist is simple. Basing themselves on the 1991 Czech "lustration" 
law (which forbade participation in public life to all previous top 
Communist, Komsomol and "secret agents " of the CZ-SL political 
security police), the authors conclude that a hefty majority of those 
currently active in politics in Ukraine at all levels would have been 
forbidden involvement in political life. As agents and collaborators 
of the KGB. They further contend that present "Ukrainian" political 
actors have one basic goal in mind: to discredit the "Ukrainian state" 
they dominate, hiding behind a fictitious "competition" among 
themselves,and to eventually bring about its reunification with Russia 
and its current colonies and clients. As long as these people remain 
in power there will be no genuine Ukirainian state-building.  The 
authors include long lists of KGB agents presently at work in Ukraine. 
Their list, they say is just the tip of the iceberg...

Note, interestingly that Humpty (Victor Andrejevich Yushchenko) is 
listed as a CERTAIN KGB agent... Which might go a long way towards 
explaining his "indecisiveness" and other "failings". Note also that 
this document has put the maidan.org people, great supporters of 
Yushchenko as Ukraine's "last hope" in a state of shock. No one of 
significance is commenting this document... The authors BTW will give 
a press conference about it tomorrow.  NB: And Borys Tarasiuk was also 
an agent (nick: "Volyns'kyj").

So what happens now? Try to discredit the authors as "enemies of 
Ukraine" ? (:=)))

[W.Z. See, for example, the following pdf file:

http://halychyna.ca/Investigation_gbr.pdf   ]