Kyiv Post | 25Jan2010 | Interfax-Ukraine

Russian Jewish Federation denounces Ukraine's decision to award hero title to Bandera

Moscow, January 25 (Interfax) - Giving the Hero of Ukraine title to the leader of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists, Stepan Bandera, is another provocation by Viktor Yushchenko, which "facilitates the rehabilitation of Nazi crimes" and "affronts the memory of the victims of those crimes," the Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia (FJCR) has said.

"President Yushchenko's decree says that Bandera was awarded 'for his unshakeable spirit, for defending the national ideology, for his manifestations of heroism and selflessness in the fight for independence of the Ukrainian state.' Obviously, President Yushchenko is thus attributing "to the manifestations of heroism and selflessness" the killings of Jews and Poles, in which Bandera and his comrades-in-arms were massively involved," the FJCR said in a statement released on Jan. 25, 2010.

Surprisingly, the historical fact that Bandera cooperated with fascists during the Great Patriotic War and participated in forming the SS battalions "is not at all embarrassing for Mr. Yushchenko," the statement said.

"Such political gestures defy the whole civilized world, including those who fought against Nazism, including also those Ukrainians who fought against fascists during the Great Patriotic War," the FJCR said.

Leader of Ukrainian nationalists Stepan Bandera, killed in the late 1950s, was last week awarded the title of Hero of Ukraine.

Bandera was killed [assassinated] by KGB agent Bohdan Stashynsky in Munich on Oct. 15, 1959.


Guest, Guest | January 26 at 21:09

Maybe these clowns hate Bandera because he fought against the Soviet Russian invaders of Ukraine and maybe they consider Lazar Kaganovich, a Soviet Russian Jew, a Soviet hero even though he was the henchman who was primarily responsible for executing Genocide against the Ukrainian nation in which millions of Ukrainians were murdered by forced starvation?

Guest, Guest | January 26 at 04:31

So Jews in Russia don't like it. Does anyone, aside from them, care what they think? I don't.

Maimai, Guest | January 26 at 11:50

The thing is that you have never been important and never will be.

Maimai, Guest | Two days ago at 09:44

Somebody deleted my post....i just posted that this is not me!!

Guest, Guest | January 26 at 18:32

and you are? LOL

Guest, Guest | January 26 at 02:44

Some of Moisei Fishbein's instructive writings as regards the phenomenon of unhinged Ukrainiphobia may be found here:

Kremlinoid, Guest | January 26 at 01:53

Can't we all just get along? For you Ukraine haters out there, look up Moyshe Fischbein. He is Jewish and also a Ukrainian nationalist. There is an example of a Jewish writer embracing his Ukrainian homeland and contributing to contemporary Ukrainian literature.

cromwell, Guest | January 26 at 00:50

The Russian jewish federation is the last group that should be castigating Yush for his choice of Hero of Ukraine. These are the same jewish criminals that carried out Stalins orders during the Holodomor. They are the same criminals that have always fought against Ukraine's independence. This is the same gang of bolsheviks that have always sided with the Moscovite occupier of Ukraine. Yet they have the temerity to criticize Yushchenko. Perhaps the jewish federation in Moscow should come to Ukraine (on their knees) and ask for Ukraine's forgiveness for being so anti Ukrainian. Then they should cast their gaze on their co-religionists in Israel...where this fascist group of leaders are trying to destroy the Palestinians.
Why don't they reflect on that.

Guest, Guest | January 26 at 02:59

Yes, banderlog. Russian AND Jewish - I know these are two groups that just make your Canadian old-Austro-Hungarian diaspora blood boil.

We all know who you consider "heroes": bandera, demjanjuk, shukhevich, and other traitors and Nazis. Don't worry, Yushchenko came to power by dumb chance. And logically he failed. You heyday is over.

hypocracy, Guest | January 26 at 18:40

great double standards- Russian collaboration with Nazis is acceptable to this creep -Stalin with Nazis to start WWII bloodbath, later Putin's father and an entire Russian Army join Nazis to fight against Stalin in vain attempt to free Russia from Communist terror;
Jews collaborated through Judernat and some 150,000 Jews fought for Wehrmacht...thats OK
but when a small band of Ukrainian patriots try and fail to work out survival strategy with occupier-you become hysterical?

Lubo, Guest | January 26 at 11:51

very good comment. thank you.

Guest, Guest | January 26 at 08:08

our pet Moskal is ruffled?
Relax ...there's MORE to come!

Montigny, Guest | January 25 at 18:21

Bohdan Stashynsky for Ukrainian National Hero - NOW !!!

Guest, Guest | January 25 at 22:57

well ...if it wasn't for his guilt complex and conscience and need to confess, the world would never know about the ongoing anti-Ukrainian genocide by those who occupy and exploit Ukraine and never tire of denying true history and heaping hate upon hate on the Ukrainian nation, people and their language...
we must be thankful this exposes and brings the genocidal hate mongers out into the open for all to see...

Guest, Guest | January 26 at 00:45

more trash like this please
so funny !!! :-)))))

Guest, Guest | January 26 at 07:39

another reptile crawled from underneath its rock to give reptilian opinion

Guest, Guest | January 25 at 17:28

Of course the jewish state has the moral high ground when it comes to mass murder-the Palistinians have had such wonderful times from isreali incursions

Wal, Guest | January 25 at 17:11

...but the rehabilitation of Stalin et. al. remains completely acceptable!