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[email protected] | 30Dec2013 | Will Zuzak

Propaganda War against Ukraine

Dear Infoukes subscribers;

The month of December 2013 is likely to be recorded as a decisive turning point in the history of Ukraine -- for better or for worse. Vladimir Putin and his cronies are doing their utmost to either subjugate or dismantle Ukraine. The massive Euromaidan demonstrations in Kyiv, initiated to pressure the government to honour its commitment to sign the European Association Agreement, has now morphed into a country-wide struggle against the corruption endemic within Ukrainian society.

During the past 22 years, the criminal element (Mafia) has entrenched itself in all the power structures -- government (Yanukovych, Azarov), political parties (Party of Regions), economy (billionaire Oligarchs), education (Tabachnyk), the legal system (courts, judges, prosecutors, detention centres), the police (Berkut, Militia, road police, SBU) and perhaps the military. This has led to Ukrainians having the lowest standard of living in Europe. In the past, Ukrainians were looking for salvation in Europe, America and/or Russia. Now they are looking into their own souls. The new Maidan has proposed a complete country-wide restructuring of Ukrainian society. May God help them.

The propaganda war against Ukraine has been intensified. Many activists (especially Yaroslav Kokodyniak at Infoukes) have noted disparaging articles about Ukraine appearing in the Western press and the Internet blogosphere. Links to three examples are at:
(1) Michael Thomas | 12DEc2013 | Story Leak
(2) Orlando Figes | 16Dec2013 | Foreign Affairs
(3) Israel Shamir | 20-22Dec2013 | CounterPunch and GlobalResearch, which also appeared on www.antiwar.com and www.whatreallyhappened.com :

And, of course, Vladimir Putin's propaganda machine against Ukraine, Europe and the United States is operating full blast. I have archived a very interesting example of Sophie Shevardnadze interviewing Ken O'Keefe about the decadence of the West at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NbJIvsO9GCg&list=WL2677EE4A46137ECC  
Ken O'Keefe: "Time to arrest traitors in White House/Congress"  Ken O'Keefe, 09Dec2013; Sophie Shevardnadze  [27:33]

A very interesting video on tracking the assets of Politically Exposed Persons (PEP) to prevent money laundering by Ukraine's politicians is available at the links below
Zik.ua | 18Dec2013 | Daria Kaleniuk, Halyna Senyk, Executive Director, PEPWatch
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cRSL6ZAUb4Q&feature=youtu.be  [Ukrainian]
http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=ugc9bKmq17s#t=0   [with English subtitles]

In my opinion, financial institutions around the world will be very reluctant to apply these legal measures, since they themselves are colluding with the criminal element to facilitate money laundering. Do you recall the
Financial Post | 03Apr2013 | John Greenwood article titled "Massive offshore tax haven account leak includes names of 450 wealthy Canadians" ?
The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) at http://www.icij.org/ has a data base on secret accounts, tax evasion and money laundering. In my opinion, only constant public pressure will force financial institutions to comply with the law.

Will Zuzak; 2013.12.30