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Channel 5 TV | 20/25Nov2005 | Video Interviews by Sviatoslav Tseholko (Ukr)

Chronicle of the Orange Revolution -- on film
Хроніка помаранчевої Революції -- на фільмі

On the first anniversary of the Orange Revolution (November/December 2004), Sviatoslav Tseholko interviews some key players in the Orange Revolution. These include Petro Poroshenko (chocolate oligarch and owner of Channel 5 TV), Victor Yushchenko (discredited past president), Yuri Lutsenko (now in prison in 2011) and Serhii Kivalov (CEC chairman accused of falsifying election results).

Even at that time, the still-optomistic Poroshenko (who supported Yushchenko) and Lutsenko felt that the Orange Revolution had failed to reach its goals, which they attributed to the entrenched people in the Verkhovna Rada. Poroshenko thought that the 2006 parliamentary elections would bring in the new blood required to make the necessary changes. On the contrary, as an election observer at the 26Mar2006 parliamentary elections, I felt that the already cynical electorate had been forced to vote for 450 criminals to the Verkhovna Rada:
"On 26 March 2006, the Ukrainian people democratically elected and legitimized the 450 "criminals" (with immunity from prosecution for criminal acts) to the Verkhovna Rada. In other words, although the election procedures were fair and legitimate, the legitimacy of the politicians ranked in the "party lists" of the various Parties is questionable."