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Republican Party of Ukraine | 16Oct2012 | [Ukrainian pdf original]

Who runs Ukraine?

The Ukrainian Republican Party has often publicized that the government in Ukraine does not belong to Ukrainians. Thus, in Parliament there are only 22% ethnic Ukrainians. And amongst the key people, who hold the highest positions in the country, one can only find representatives of national minorities.

YANUKOVYCH, Viktor Fedorovych (Belorusan):  President of Ukraine; born in Enakieve, Donetsk oblast.
LOVOCHKIN, Serhii Volodimirovych (Russian):  Head of the Presidential Administratioin; born in Kyiv.
AZAROV, (Pakhlo) Mykola Yanovych (Jewish):  Prime Minister of Ukraine; born in Kaluga, Russia.
KHOROSHOVSKY, Valerii Ivanovych (Russian):  First Vice-Prime Minister of Ukraine; born in Kyiv.
KOLESNIKOV, Boris Viktorovych (Jewish):  Vice-Prime Minister of Ukraine; born in Mariupol, Donetsk oblast.
TYHYPKO, Serhii Leonidovych (Moldovan):  Vice-Prime Minister of Ukraine; born in Drahoneshty, Lazovsky raion, Moldova.
BOHATYROVA, Raisa Vasylivna (Russian):  Vice-Prime Minister of Ukraine; born in Bakal, Cheliabinsk oblast, Russia.
KLUEV, Andrii Petrovych (Russian):  Secretary of Committee of National Security and Defense; born in Donetsk.
KALININ, Ihor Oleksandrovych (Russian):  Head of SBU; born in Moscow oblast.
SALAMATIN, Dmytro Albertovych (Russian): Minister of Defense; born in Karaganda, Kazakhstan.

In the preceding issue we informed you, that amongst the ten highest government positions in Ukraine there were no ethnic Ukrainians. Researching the lower levels of the Ukrainian government indicates that of the 18 members of the Cabinet of Ministers there are only 6 of Ukrainian ethnic origin, who, in addition, do not hold the highest positions.

STAVITSKY, Eduard Anatoliovych (Jewish):  Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources.
POROSHENKO, Petro Oleksiovych (Jewish):  Minister of Economic Development and Trade.
BOYKO, Yuri Anatiliovych (Jewish):  Minister of Energy and Coal Production.
HRYSHCHENKO, Konstantin Ivanovych (Jewish):  Minister of Foreign Affairs.
TABACHNYK, Dmytro Volodymyrovych (Jewish):  Minister of Education, Youth and Sports.
KOLOBOV,Yuri Volodymyrovych (Russian):  Minister of Finance.

Ethnic composition of Ukraine: Ukrainian (78%), Russian (17%), Others (5%)
Ethnic composition of today's Parliament of Ukraine:  Jewish (43%), Russian (34%), Ukrainian (22%)