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Josef Furman Case


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Ontario man accused of Nazi past National Post, Mar. 05, 2004; A. Humphreys
Ottawa seeks to deport man, 83 Globe and Mail, Mar. 06, 2004; K. Lunman
Edmonton man hid Nazi past, government alleges Edmonton Journal, Mar. 18, 2004; J. Tibbetts
Edmonton man denies charges of Nazi past Canadian Press, Mar. 18, 2004; CP
Alleged Nazi insists he fought against Germans Edmonton Journal, Mar. 19, 2004; D. Howell
War-crimes suspect says he was prisoner Globe and Mail, Mar. 19, 2004; B. Weber
Ottawa confident man hid Nazi past Edmonton Journal, Mar. 20, 2004; D. Lazin
To deport? Or not?: NO Edmonton Journal, Mar. 20, 2004; M. Levytsky
To deport? Or not?: YES Edmonton Journal, Mar. 20, 2004; D. Matas
Nonsense to deny role in Holocaust Edmonton Journal, Mar. 24, 2004; L. Olesen
Olesen performs no service to truth To Edmonton Journal, Mar. 24, 2004; L. Prytulak
Weary of campaign to avenge Holocaust Edmonton Journal, Mar. 25, 2004; V. Wood
'Where are their witnesses?' Edmonton Journal, Mar. 26, 2004; D. Howell
Turning a blind eye to war criminals Edmonton Journal, Mar. 30, 2004; S. Szlachter
Trivializing atrocities Edmonton Journal, Mar. 30, 2004; E. Gottlieb
Ukrainians resent misuse of war facts Edmonton Journal, Mar. 31, 2004; C. Chichak
Try the accused in a Canadian criminal court To Edmonton Journal, Apr. 03, 2004; T. Podilsky
Deportation on hold Toronto Sun, May 04, 2004; P. Worthington
Canada's war crimes program continues progress Canada Border Services Agency, May 04, 2004; News Release
OTTAWA ERRS IN WAR CRIME REPORT National Post, May 17, 2004; A. Humphreys

Federal Court of Appeal decision on Oberlander A-294-03, May 31, 2004; J.A. Decary, Sexton, Malone
Original MacKay Decision | Salhany Opinion

Federal Court restores citizenship to Oberlander Globe and Mail, Jun. 01, 2004; E. Conway-Smith
Justice a long time coming Toronto Sun, Jun. 02, 2004; P. Worthington
Oberlander decision is great news for naturalized Canadians News Release, Jun. 02, 2004; A. Telegdi
Oberlander appeal urged Globe and Mail, Jun. 02, 2004; K. Lunman
Ruling elates Oberlander Record (Kitchener-Waterloo), Jun. 02, 2004; B. Caldwell
A ruling with justice at its heart Record (Kitchener-Waterloo), Jun. 02, 2004; C. Aagaard
MPs back Oberlander Record (Kitchener-Waterloo), Jun. 03, 2004; B. Caldwell, A. Ligaya
Justice is lost in a legal maze Record (Kitchener-Waterloo), Jun.04, 2004; Editorial
Weak action on Oberlander case is shameful Record (Kitchener-Waterloo), Jun. 05, 2004; D. Finch
Nothing murky about Oberlander's activities Record (Kitchener-Waterloo), Jun. 08, 2004; L. Rudner
Trials of Oberlander Record (Kitchener-Waterloo), Jun. 08, 2004; A. Rimmer
Nearly 1,500 WWII war crimes files closed, inactive Canadian Jewish News, Jun. 10, 2004; Janice Arnold
Political ethics missing Record (Kitchener-Waterloo), Jun. 08, 2004; W. Cakebread
'Persecution, not prosecution' Toronto Sun, Jun. 13, 2004; P. Worthington
Oberlander rewarded Record (Kitchener-Waterloo), Jun. 14, 2004; I. Stalkie
Judgment will come Record (Kitchener-Waterloo), Jun. 14, 2004; F. Mason
Leave Oberlander alone Record (Kitchener-Waterloo), Jun. 14, 2004; M. Drummond
Leave Oberlander alone Record (Kitchener-Waterloo), Jun. 15, 2004; E. Perrin Snyder
Oberlander case throws war crimes process into question Canadian Jewish News, Jun. 17, 2004; P. Lungen
Remember the tragedies, as well as victories, of war Record (Kitchener-Waterloo), Jun. 18, 2004; J. Bloch
Many opposed Hitler Record (Kitchener-Waterloo), Jun. 25, 2004; C. Chypyha
Read the history books Record (Kitchener-Waterloo), Jun. 28, 2004; H. Hawken
Ruling on Oberlander's citizenship promotes justice Record (Kitchener-Waterloo), Jun. 29, 2004; U. Frisse
Germans also suffered during the Second World War Record (Kitchener-Waterloo), Jul. 05, 2004; P. Tuerr

Media Release Media Release, Jul. 21, 2004; A. Telegdi
Telegdi declines plum post to focus on citizenship issue Record (Kitchener-Waterloo), Jul. 23, 2004; F. Etherington

It's not over yet for Oberlander Record (Kitchener-Waterloo), Aug. 31, 2004; B. Caldwell
German, Jewish groups remain divided over Oberlander decision Record (Kitchener-Waterloo), Sep. 01, 2004; B. Caldwell
Letter to Hon. Judy Sgro re Oberlander www.cjc.ca, Sep. 01, 2004; E. Morgan
No evidence Oberlander was involved in crimes Record (Kitchener-Waterloo), Sep. 03, 2004; E. Hafemann
An insensitive remark Record (Kitchener-Waterloo), Sep. 04, 2004; Editorial
Expel Oberlander Record (Kitchener-Waterloo), Sep. 08, 2004; B. Farber
Comparison offensive Record (Kitchener-Waterloo), Sep. 08, 2004; L. Pasternak

Goldring Pays Tribute in House of Commons to Eugene Harasymiw News Release, Oct. 14, 2004; P. Goldring
Andrew Telegdi elected chair of the Standing Committee on Citizenship & Immigration News Release, Oct. 14, 2004; A. Telegdi
Standing Committee on Citizenship and Immigration announces prioritized Work Plan News Release, Oct. 28, 2004; A. Telegdi
Updating Canada's Citizenship Laws News Release, Nov. 30, 2004; A. Telegdi
Issues to be Addressed CIMM Report, Dec. 01, 2004; A. Telegdi
Cross-Canada Hearings of CIMM Committee News Release, Dec. 20, 2004; A. Telegdi
Judy Sgro resigns GRC Report, Feb. 02, 2005; W. Zuzak
Canadian Citizenship Coalition News Release, Feb. 08, 2005; A. Telegdi
Proposed Deportation of Wasyl Odynsky To: J. Volpe, Feb. 09, 2005; P. Goldring
Sgro took a last kick at the can Toronto Sun, Feb. 13, 2005; P. Worthington
Canadian government out to destroy French war hero Ukrainian News, Feb. 16, 2005; O. Rudzik
Bounty sought for Nazis National Post, Feb. 19, 2005; A. Humphreys

Finally bringing Soviet war criminals to justice Media Release, 15Apr2005; UCCLA
Debate over war crimes gets heated Globe and Mail, 25Apr2005; K. Makin
"Debate over war crimes gets heated" To Globe and Mail, 25Apr2005; R. Serbyn
"Debate over war crimes gets heated" To Globe and Mail, 25Apr2005; O. Hepburn
Farber's spirit of denial To Globe and Mail, 25Apr2005; T. Oleksiw
On War Criminals in Canada and Elsewhere Media Release, 25Apr2005; UCCLA
Pope as 'Nazi' is ludicrous Toronto Sun, 27Apr2005; P. Worthington

Russia, the missing link in Britain's VE Day mythology Sunday Times (UK), 01May2005; N. Davies

Citizenship Revocation Report (pdf file) 07Jun2005; CIMM
Committee calls for radical changes in Citizenship Act Ukrainian News, 08Jun2005, M. Levytsky
Citizenship committee's recommendations deserve immediate enactment Ukrainian News, 08Jun2005; Editorial
Last word on who stays Record (Kitchener-Waterloo), 08Jun2005; F. Etherington
Volpe rejects bid to end cabinet role in citizenship Ottawa Citizen, 08Jun2005; S. Doyle
Flawed Citizenship Act may be corrected Toronto Sun, 09Jun2005; P. Worthington
B'nai Brith slams MP's report Record (Kitchener-Waterloo), 09Jun2005; F. Etherington
German group backs citizenship proposal Record (Kitchener-Waterloo), 10Jun2005; F. Etherington
Plan to revoke citizenships Record (Kitchener-Waterloo), 11Jun2005; KWR staff
Feds to pursue deporting alleged Nazis: CTV CTV.ca, 11Jun2005; News Staff
Volpe moves against Nazi war-crimes suspects, sources say Globe and Mail, 11Jun2005; B. Laghi
Telegdi outraged by his party's plan for Oberlander Record (Kitchener-Waterloo), 13Jun2005; K. Kawawada
Making All Citizens Equal Toronto Sun, 23Jun2005; P. Worthington
Volpe defends "balance of probabilities" in revocation cases Ukrainian News, 20Jul2005; M. Levytsky
Volpe must respect Charter rights Ukrainian News, 20Jul2005; Editorial
Peter Warren: Jekyll-Hyde personality? e-Poshta, 03Aug2005; P. MacQuarrie
"Did Ukrainians who fought with SS end up in Canada?" e-Poshta 25Aug2005, 19Aug2005; P. MacQuarrie
Denaturalization and Deportation of Odynsky Ukrainian News, 31Aug2005; P. Goldring
Action on war crime overdue Winnipeg Free Press, 18Sep2005; D. Matas [W.Z.]
Matas strikes again Ukrainian News, 28Sep2005; Editorial
Double standard is disgraceful Ukrainian News, 28Sep2005; M. Levytsky
CIMM Citizenship Report (pdf file) 06Oct2005; CIMM
Don't make it harder to kick out war criminals Ottawa Citizen, 31Oct2005; Ed Morgan [W.Z.]

Globe & Mail apology for ignoring Ukrainian deaths Globe and Mail, 08Nov2005; M. Prytulak
CJC urges government to discriminate Ukrainian News, 09Nov2005; Editorial

Telegdi letter to Solberg Citizenship and Immigration, 14Mar2006; A. Telegdi
Telegdi letter on Citizenship Revocation Public, 27Mar2006; A. Telegdi
PETITION Parliament, 27Mar2006; A. Telegdi
Telegdi calls upon Solberg to enact citizenship recommendations
Ukrainian News, 05Apr2006; M. Levytsky
New Citizenship Act should be “no-brainer” for new government
Ukrainian News, 19Apr2006; Editorial
Citizenship at risk Toronto Sun, 04May2006; P. Worthington
Concentration camp survivor testifies at court hearing of two accused Nazis Canada News, 08Jun2006; Canadian Press
Quest for 'Nazis' hurts the innocent Winnipeg Free Press, 09Jun2006; M. Levytsky
Nazi case adjourned Hamilton Spectator, 29Jun2006; P. Legall [W.Z.]

Operation Last Chance To R. Folco, 29Jun2006; W. Zuzak
Citizenship issue is about rule of law and simple fairness Ukrainian News, 26Jul2006; A. Telegdi

City man was guard in Nazi death camp Edmonton Journal, 19Aug2006; G. Kent
2 men ruled to be Nazis could lose citizenship Toronto Star, 21Aug2006; Canadian Press
Don't deport Nazi guards Edmonton Journal, 23Aug2006; I. Kutash
No threat to us Edmonton Journal, 23Aug2006; M. Frank
Broader implications Edmonton Journal, 23Aug2006; M. Levytsky
Too late to act Edmonton Journal, 23Aug2006; K. Mason
Judge weighs balance against Ukrainians Ukrainian News, 23Aug2006; M. Levytsky
Stop this farce Ukrainian News, 23Aug2006; Editorial
National Post promotes Ukrainophobia Ukrainian News, 08Nov2006; Editorial
Editorial praised for going after National Post Ukrainian News, 13Dec2006; O. Rudzik [W.Z.]
Stop the unjust stripping of Canadians' citizenship News Release, Jan. 24, 2007; A. Telegdi
Ethnic groups unite in push to deport Nazi suspects Globe and Mail, 26Jan2007; G. Galloway [W.Z.]
Thousands of Israelis seeking asylum in Canada Globe and Mail, 26Jan2007, AP [W.Z.]
Israelis seek asylum in Canada Globe and Mail, 27Jan2007; A. Drobota
Deportation calls mount against elderly Nazi 'enablers' Globe and Mail, 30Jan2007, G. Galloway [W.Z.]
CJC's futile vendetta blocks necessary reform Ukrainian News, 07Feb2007; Editorial

Vladimir Katriuk DOCUMENTS
Order in Council P.C.2007-803 Privy Council, 17May2007; Kevin Lynch
Citizenship not revoked CIC, 18May2007; Raylene Baker

CITIZENSHIP OF INDIVIDUALS REVOKED Department of Justice, 24May2007; R. Nicholson [W.Z.]
Ottawa revokes citizenships over hidden wartime activities Globe and Mail, 24May2007; J. Ward
Canada moves to oust ex-Nazis National Post, 25May2007; S. Bell [W.Z.]
Ex-Nazis lose Canadian citizenship Edmonton Journal, 25May2007; S. Bell [W.Z.]
Ottawa strips two Nazi suspects of citizenship Globe and Mail, 25May2007; K. Makin, J. Taber
Helmut Oberlander no longer a citizen Kitchener-Waterloo Record, 25May2007; B. Caldwell
"Justice Minister and Harper Conservative Government Put Themselves Above the Law" News Release, 25May2007; A. Telegdi
Innocent Man Finally Cleared of Unfounded Allegations of a Nazi Past UCCLA, 28May2007; Media Release

Oberlander Petition petitiononline.com, 29May2007; E. Friedel

Odynsky, Katriuk get to stay Ukrainian News, 30May2007; M. Levytsky
D & D all about politics - not justice Ukrainian News, 30May2007; Editorial
Odynsky's innocence confirmed Ukrainian News, 30May2007; L. Luciuk
'We don't condone witch hunts' Kitchener-Waterloo Record, 02Jun2007; B. Caldwell
Telegdi angry over stripped citizenship Guelph Mercury, 02Jun2007; B. Caldwell
Thank You! Ukrainian News, 13Jun2007; Wasyl Odynsky and Family
"Nowhere Man" To Kitchener-Waterloo Record, 16Jun2007; O. Slepokura
Restore his citizenship Kitchener-Waterloo Record, 22Jun2007; S. Carroll
The Ten-Year War Ukrainian News, 27Jun2007; O. Odynsky [W.Z.]

Conservatives wrong to press Oberlander issue Kitchener-Waterloo Record, 06Jul2007; A. Telegdi
For how long must a 17-year-old be held accountable? Kitchener-Waterloo Record, 11Jul2007; S. van Pelt
Finding misrepresented Kitchener-Waterloo Record, 12Jul2007; E. Vernon
A Holocaust 'Killing Field' e-Poshta, 24Jul2007; M. Prytulak [W.Z.]

USRL Resolution on d&d Ukrainian Self-Reliance League, 11Aug2007; USRL
B'nai Brith Canada launches legal challenge to government over decision not to revoke citizenship of Odynsky and Katriuk e-Poshta, 14Aug2007; B'nai Brith Canada
ICJ demeans the memory of Tarnopolsky Ukrainian News, 22Aug2007; Editorial

Ex-Nazi guard John Demjanjuk may be deported from U.S. soon haaretz.com, 26Aug2007; Associated Press [W.Z.]
The Unknown Factor that Influenced Amended Legislation in Canada to Prosecute Nazi War Criminals infoisrael.net, 04Sep2007; A. Marks [W.Z.]

Furman dies after getting revocation notice Ukrainian News, 06Sep2007; M. Levytsky
Furman hounded until death Ukrainian News, 06Sep2007; Editorial

Lithuania suspects prominent Israeli Holocaust researcher of war crimes during WWII interfax-news.com, 11Sep2007; Interfax
Lithuania wants to grill top Israeli historian over war crimes ejpress.org, 12Sep2007; AFP [W.Z.]

Brian Mulroney on Nazi war criminals Memoirs, 1939-1993, 2007; B. Mulroney [W.Z.]

Bring ageing war criminals to justice: CJC National Post, 07Nov2007, J. Cowan [W.Z.]
National press either illiterate or Ukrainophobic Ukrainian News, 15Nov2007; Editorial

RCMP WW II war crimes investigations reactivated e-Poshta, 11Jan2008; Author unknown
UCC should oppose unjust Bill C-3 Ukrainian News, 21Feb2008; Editorial

Process fails us all in Oberlander case  Kitchener Waterloo Record, 01Nov2008; Editorial [W.Z.]
War-crimes squad needs money as costs soar Globe and Mail, 12Dec2008; D. Beeby  [W.Z.]

News Release on d&d initiation 1995.01.31 by Allan Rock
; courtesy M. Levytsky, W. Zuzak, 28Feb2009
Court dismisses Odynsky's appeal in war crimes case  Canadian Jewish News, 19Mar2009; A. Levy-Ajzenkopf
Court rejects bid to oust former SS guard  Toronto Star, 19Jun2009; Canadian Press

Oberlander gets partial win in Second World War deportation case
 Kitchener Waterloo Record, 18Nov2009; Brian Caldwell

Age should not be a shield against justice
  Toronto Star, 04Dec2009; Bernie Farber
Feds' witch hunt isn't punishing real war criminals  Toronto Sun, 12Dec2009; Peter Worthington
Painfully slow court system gives war criminals free pass  Toronto Star, 16Feb2010; Bernie Farber [W.Z.]
Zuroff: Canada given failing grade on war criminals  Canadian Jewish News, 29Apr2010; Paul Lungen  [W.Z.]
Testing the Limits of Freedom of Speech: Ernst Zundel Speaks Out  Foreign Policy Journal, 30Apr2010, Kourosh Ziabari [W.Z.]