Cabinet Ministers of Ukraine | 25Aug2009 | Myron Petriw

Ukraine pays KGB criminals

Ukraine, the most schizophrenic of states, pays pensions and combat pay to those that fought to destroy its own hopes of freedom. At the same time the Ukrainian SBU (Security Service) is opening its archives to show the crimes of these very pensioners.
As Canada and most Western countries have recognized the KGB as a criminal organization on a level with the SS and Gestapo, the fact that Ukraine pays pensions to veterans of this organization, is a matter about which  Canada's Ministry of Foreign Affairs should enquire. I had always understood that countries that support criminal organizations, terrorist organizations or their members are inelligible for certain priviledges and financial assistance.
Attached is a Ukrainian law, as translated by me from the original on the indicated site, that recognizes as eligible for social assistance, the combat veterans of a plethora of interventions and wars of the USSR. This law is current, having been amended as recently as this July, 2009.  
The list in itself is worth noting!  Some of us can clearly recall all those times and places when the USSR insisted it was not involved militarily.
However, note specifically the operation to eliminate Ukrainian (and other) freedom fighters, the UPA. It is listed as "liquidation of diversive-terrorist groups, banditism" and shown as officially having taken 7 years (almost twice as long as WW2 combat operations). It is known that the forces used in this "liquidation" were KGB divisions, often the same "zagradotdiely" "guard battallions" that had blocked any hope of retreat by the Red Army (as was also the traditional practice of the Mongol Horde) by standing behind the front lines and gunning down their own men.
A public international shaming of the Ukrainian government may lead to change. Currently we see that there is no independent Ukrainian government but merely a fragment of the old USSR posing as Ukraine.
The pertinent item in the list of combat operations has been highlighted by me on the last page of the attached Word document.





February 8, 1994 #63



About organizational matters regarding the application of Ukraine’s Law

“Regarding the status of veterans of war and their social security” (3551-12)


(with amendments, introduced according to Resolutions of the C of M

N 530 (530-94-p) from 05.08.94

N 1471 (1471-2004-p) from 29.10.2004

N 158 (158-2006-p) from 15.02.2006

N 726 (726-2006-p) from 25.5.2006

N 1296 (1296-2007-p) from 08.11.2007

N 197 (197-2009-p) from 16.03.2009

N 744 (744-2009-p) from 17.07.2009   )


The Cabinet of Ministers RESOLVES:


  1. To allow the Ministry of Defense, for the purpose of determining those people who may be considered participants of combat actions, to temporarily employ the lists of units and command structures as determined by the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the former USSR, that were included in the composition of the active army during the years of the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945.
  2. To confirm the list of States, to whom assistance was given with the participation of soldiers of the Soviet Army, Navy, KGB persons of either rank and file or officer staff and enlisted men of the Ministry of the Interior, enlisted men of the Armed Forces, Security Service, Foreign Intelligence Service, other military formations, persons of rank and file or officer staff of Departments of Internal Affairs of the former USSR, and the timeperiods of combat actions on their territories as per the attached.                                                                                             (Point 2 is with revisions as introduced in Resolutions  CM N1471 (1471-p) of 29.10.2004, N726 (726-2006-p) of 25.05.2006 )
  3. The Ministry of Defense, the Chief Archive Department of the Cabinet of Ministers, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, are ordered to, within a month, deliver to the Cabinet of Ministers a draft agreement between the Russian Federation and Ukraine regarding the exchange and acquisition of information from archives about the establishment of the status of combat actions.



Deputy-Executive                               Yu. Zvyahil’s’kyi          Prime-Minister of Ukraine  


Minister of                                          I. Docenko

Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine



By resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine

Feb. 8, 1994 #63



Of States and timeperiods of combat actions on their territory



Countries and their territories             |                       Timeperiod of combat action


Algeria                                                                        1962-1964

Angola                                                                        Nov. 1975 – Nov. 1979

Afghanistan                                                    April 1978 – December 1989

Bangladesh                                                     1972-1973

Vietnam                                                          Jan. 1961 – Dec. 1974

Ethiopia                                                           Dec. 1977 – Nov. 1979

Egypt (UAR)                                                  Jun. 1967 –1968

                                                                        Mar. 1969 – Jul. 1972

                                                                        Oct. 1973 -  Mar. 1974

                                                                        June 1974 – Feb. 1975

Yemeni Arab Republic                                   Oct.1962 – Mar. 1963

                                                                        Nov. 1967 – Dec. 1969

Spain                                                               July 19, 1936 – Mar. 28, 1939

                                                                        Mar. 28, 1939 – July 18, 1939

Iran                                                                  Aug. 25, 1941 – Sept. 5, 1941

Cambodia                                                        Apr. – Dec. 1970

China                                                               Aug. 1924 – July 1927

                                                                        July 15, 1929 – Dec. 31, 1929           

                                                                        July 1937 – Sept. 1944

                                                                        July – Sept. 1945

                                                                        Mar. 1946 – Apr. 1949

                                                                        Mar. – May 1950

                                                                        Jun. 1950 – July 1953

Cuba                                                                July 1962 – Nov. 1963

Laos                                                                Jan. 1960 – Dec. 1963

                                                                        Aug. 1964 – Nov. 1968

                                                                        Nov. 1969 – Dec. 1970

Mozambique                                                   1967 – 1969

                                                                        Nov. 1975 – Nov. 1979

Mongolia                                                         May 11, 1939 – Sept. 16 1939

                                                                        (battles on Xanxing-Gol River)

North Korea                                                    June 1950 – July 1953

Syria                                                                June 1967

                                                                        Mar. – Jul. 1970

Mar. – Nov. 1972

Oct. 1973

Somalia                                                           1977

Hungary                                                          Oct. 24 1956 – Nov. 10, 1956

Finland                                                            Nov. 30, 1939 – Mar. 13, 1940

Czechoslovakia                                               Aug. 20, 1968 – Jan. 1, 1969

Yugoslavia                                                      Jul. 15, 1992 – Jun. 16 1999

Japan                                                               Jul. 1938 – Aug. 11, 1938

                                                                        (battles on Lake Hasan)

                                                                        Aug. 9, 1945 – Sept. 3, 1945

Other countries                                               after Dec. 1979                       *6

Western Belorusia &                                       Sept. 17, 1939 – Sept. 28, 1939

Western Ukraine                                             (reunification with the USSR)

Daman Is.                                                        Mar. 15 – 28, 1969

The Territory of Ukraine                             1944 – 1951

Belorusia, Latvia, Lithuania,                       (the liquidation of diversive-terrorist

Estonia                                                           groups, banditism)

Republic of Iraq                                              from June 5, 2003

Autonomous Territory of Kosovo                  from Mar. 17, 2008

(Serbian Republic of former Yugoslavia)



Notes:  * (omitted )


            *6 The General Staff of the Armed Forces of the former USSR after 1979 sent various military professionals to countries with combat operations, but the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine does not possess such information. Military professionals in such cases received assistance on the basis of certification 10 of the Chief Directorate of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the USSR regarding their personal participation in such actions.




{ Listing with amendments introduced according to Resolutions CM N 530

(530-94-n) from 15.08.94, N 1471 (1471-2004-n) from 29.10.2004,

N 158 (158-2006-n) from 15.02.2006, N 1296 (1296-2007-n) from

08.11.2007, N 197 (197-2009-n) from 16.03.2009, N 744

(744-2009-n) from 17.07.2009 }