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Salem-News | 29Dec2013 | Michael Munk

The Antidemocratic Roots of the Ukraine Protesters

[W.Z. A blatant example of Ukrainophobic "agents of influence" demonizing Ukrainian aspirations for democracy, European rules of law and freedom.]

(PORTLAND, OR) - The US government and its media, enthusiastic in their support for regime change in the Ukraine, has ignored information about the makeup and character of the demonstrations against the government.

US and NATO officials have participated in the demos, including US Asst SOS Victoria Nuland, and Senators McCain and Murphy (D-CT). In fact, the demonstrators include racists, anti-Semites, and neo Nazis.

The leader of the“Fatherland” coalition in the absence of jailed leader Yulia Tymoshenko, Arseniy Yatsenyuk, “as a Christian and a Greek Catholic," rants against gay marriage.

A major contributor to the demonstrations is the far right “Freedom” party, which this year the World Jewish Congress -- and many others-- described as neo-Nazi.

Another smaller component is the the Congress of Ukrainian Nationalists, established by the former Nazi collaborator émigré group, the war time Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUM ) which assisted in the extermination of Ukrainian and other Jews. Still another is the Ukrainian National Assembly/Self Defense, which maintains a close relationship with the neo-Nazi National Democratic Party of Germany.

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[W.Z.; 2014.01.11: As of today, the above link is broken. However, at the time of publication on 29Dec2013, Munk's website indicated that he escaped the Nazi's (with his parents?) in 1939 from the Czech Republic; taught at a U.S. college or university for 25 years; and after retirement has been championing the oppressed minorities in the United States. The site referred to some "left-wing" (communist?) organizations. Mr. Munk appears to have been an "agent of influence" for the Soviet Union when it existed and now continues in his nefarious ways in supporting Vladimir Putin's propaganda offensive against Ukraine.]