Kyiv Post | 08Oct2009 | Interfax-Ukraine

Russia: Ukrainian Insurgent Army members were war criminals, not freedom fighters

TALLINN -- The Russian embassy in Estonia has criticized the exhibition dedicated to the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA) which opened in Tallinn on Thursday.

"Russia strongly opposes anything that is related to the Ukrainian Insurgent Army because this organization compromised itself during World War Two not only by its connections with the Hitler troops but also by its extreme violence towards civilians of various ethnicities," Russian Embassy Press Attache Maria Shustitskaya told Estonian television.

"The UPA acted like war criminals and not as fighters for freedom as they are being portrayed in retrospect. We spoke of our negative view on the exhibition opened by the Estonian Foreign Ministry and voiced our reasons."

"Unfortunately, these were not heard. So, we are making our own conclusions," the embassy official said.

The exhibition titled "The Ukrainian Insurgent Army. The history of the oppressed," opened at the Estonian Military Museum named after Gen. Laidoner. It consists of over 500 archive photos and records, part of which had been classified by the Ukrainian authorities until recently.

The exhibition was shown in Ukraine where it was met with multiple protests, as well in the United States, Canada, Poland and Lithuania. After Estonia the organizers are planning to send the exhibition to Riga, Brussels, Athens, France and Australia.

Apart from Tallinn the exhibition will be shown in other Estonian towns.


#1.: The truth hurts, doesn't it Shustitskaya, how many millions of civilians did the Kremlin liquidate? Time to fess up to your war crimes. Slava Ukraini, Slava Heroim!!

R.K.: Let's see now.  Going by this Russian flimflam floated by one Mme Shustitskaya in Tallinn, the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (the UPA), which fought valiantly tooth and nail against the savage Russian invaders who massacred untold millions of Ukrainian civilians, were "war criminals" for having resisted the murderers and attempted to protect the defenseless. How can she know this? Why, the Russian murderers themselves told her so; that's how.  That being the case, the murderers must be right, and the UPA - wrong, no? No, I think not, Mme Shustitskaya.

J.S.: It is indeed ironic to hear Russian embassy apologists state that "Russia strongly opposes anything that is related to the Ukrainian Insurgent Army.... "because of " connections with Hitler" and "violence towards civilian" whereas if wasn't for Communist-Nazi collaboration to start WWII is doubtful UPA would have ever arisen...! It was only because the two giant monsters were distracted from killing Ukrainians and fighting with each other that the UPA was able to form. As for "violence against civilians"...nothing compares to the Communist mass murders through 3 Holodomors ('20's,'30's & '40's) , GULAG , and multiple massacres during "peace time" such as Vinnitsa and Bikivnia and many other mass graves still undiscovered. The Russians really should keep their mouths shut and pray for forgiveness!