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[email protected] | 11Mar2014 | Will Zuzak

Will Germany double-cross Ukraine again?

Following the flight of Viktor Yanukovych on 22Feb2014 and the initiation of war by the Russian Federation against Ukraine on 01Mar2014, Vladimir Putin’s propaganda machine has been demonizing the Euromaidan demonstrators in Kyiv as Nazis, fascists, anti-semites and labelling them as Banderovtsi and German collaborators from the WW2 era. The reality of OUN-UPA opposition to German forces is directly opposite to these false claims, as outlined in the lectures of Ivan Patrylyak archived at
Relations between OUN-UPA and Germany  cdvrua, 17Dec2012; Ivan Patrylyak [45:26 and 43:09, Ukr/English summary]

The Ukrainian Independence Movement tried to enlist German support for the establishment of an independent Ukraine, but were double-crossed three times.

Double-cross #1:
Before the outbreak of WW2, the Ukrainian Independence Movement under the political leadership of OUN tried to convince the German leadership to support the independence of Subcarpathia. They were double-crossed when on 15Mar1939 Germany (having occupied the Sudetenland) permitted Hungary to occupy Subcarpathia -- killing and arresting many Ukrainian soldiers.

Double-cross #2:
During the summer of 1939, the Germans picked 600 POWs from Hungarian prisons to form the “Legion of Sushko” (later “Ukrainian Legion”) -- with the intention to use them to destabilize Poland. However, their services were no longer needed after the signing of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact on 23Aug1939; the attack on Poland on 01Sep1939; and the occupation of Western Ukraine by the Red Army on 17Sep1939. This was the second German double-cross of the Ukrainian Independence Movement.

Double-cross #3:
On 25Feb1941, the Germans formed two battalions “Nachtigall” (commanded by Roman Shukhevych) and “Roland” from the “Ukrainian Legion”. The leaders of OUN contacted the Germans to allow OUN to create a cadre of officers for a future Ukrainian Army of an independent Ukraine. After Hitler’s attack on the USSR on 22Jun1941, Nachtigall reached Lviv half a day before the German army and seized the radio station from which Yaroslav Stetsko read out the “Declaration of Independence” on the night of 30Jun1941 -- much to the consternation of the Germans.

Stepan Bandera was detained on 03Jul1941; Stetsko and his government were arrested on 11Jul1941. After refusing to rescind their Declaration of Independence, Bandera was incarcerated in the Sachsenhausen concentration camp for the duration of the war. The Gestapo sent out an order for the police to arrest all Bandera agitators, which resulted in massive arrests on 05Sep1941 and 15Sep1941. This was followed by a directive on 25Nov1941 to arrest and execute all Bandera adherents, which resulted in the disappearance of some 3000 people.

Actions of OUN-UPA against German forces:
[By January 1942, OUN cells were completely “underground” again and were providing resistance to the German occupiers. The mnemonic UPA (Ukrainian Insurgent Army = Ukrainian Partisan Army, originally used by Otaman Bulba Borovets much earlier) was adopted by the OUN political leadership in April 1943.]
- May/June 1942 -- freeing Ostarbeiter from transport trains.
- September-December 1942 -- 100 attacks on German agricultural structures in Rivno area (Sarny, Kostopil, Vidvipel, Bereza).
- 20Jan1943 and 08Feb1943 -- Hryhori Perehnyak attack on German police column and on Volodymyr raion centre.
- March 1943 German documents -- 405 attacks, many food seizures, …
- 21/21Mar1943 -- 12 Germans died in Kramenets.
- 15Mar1943 to 18Apr1943 -- UPA attacks to free prisoners and to destroy prisons, POW camps and Ostarbeiter camps.
- UPA attacks increased from 57 in April to 70 in May 1943.
- In July 1943 there were 295 attacks on German forces, 682 acts of sabotage on railroads, 119 attacks on agricultural objects.
- In August 1943 there were 391 attacks on German forces, 1034 diversions on railroads, 151 attacks on business institutions.
- 06 to 16Jul1944 -- major battle in Hornevolpaty.
- OUN-UPA leadership executed Antoniuk and Olinyk for unauthorized initiation of talks with Germans.

Summary:  Germans and associates lost 18,500 people; UPA lost 13,000 people plus 10,000 sympathizers; there were from 20 to 30,000 civilian deaths.

German WW2 plans for Ukraine:
Nazi Empire-Building and the Holocaust in Ukraine  Wendy Lower (2005)
- The five quotes of Hitler and Himmler clearly indicate that the plan of the Germans was to colonize Ukraine at the expense of the indigenous population -- i.e.  pure unadulterated genocide.

Visual images of German WW2 atrocities in Ukraine:

Will Germany double-cross Ukraine once again?

Respectfully submitted
Will Zuzak; 2014-03-11