[email protected] | 04May2010 | Yurij Knysh (in Ukrainian)

Is Ukraine headed towards civil war?

It seems clear that that Yanuk crowd is both unrepresentative of and inimical to the majority of Ukraine's population. And that it has declared war on same, and is fully intent on liquidating Ukraine's post-1991 acconmplishments as quickly as it can.

Here is a chronicle of its deeds:


Tomenko has just declared that 99% of Yanuk policy reflects the interests of "Russian-speakers only":


(I disagree BTW. It reflects the interests of an aggressive MINORITY of "Russian-speakers" only.)

"Yuzio Observator", that wonderful Lviv satirist notes that it has (at least) 2/3 of the country against it:


And various "defense committees" are beginning to spring up. The latest a "Committee for the Salvation of Ukraine", will be organized tomorrow in Kyiv:


And see this manifesto "Ukraine is in mortal danger", signed by Ivan Dzyuba, Levko Lykyanenko and many other well known figures, incl. Ukraine's first Defense Minister Morozov: