| 24Sep2009 | Associated Press

Russia slams Polish parliament's World War II resolution

MOSCOW - Russia is lashing out at the Polish parliament over its resolution condemning the Soviet invasion of Poland 70 years ago.

The Slavic neighbors' vastly different viewpoints on World War II have sparked increased friction around the anniversary of its outbreak. Russian leaders bristle at criticism of Moscow's actions and reject efforts to equate the Soviet Union with Hitler's Germany.

The Polish parliament's resolution Wednesday condemned the Soviet attack on Poland in September 1939 and the Nazi-Soviet pact that preceded it.

The Russian Foreign Ministry said Thursday that the resolution will damage efforts to improve strained relations. It said Prime Minister Vladimir Putin had signaled Russia's readiness for constructive ties in a newspaper article last month.


  (Guest) | 24.09.2009, 19:33
I'm amazed that the current Border today between Poland and the Ukraine, is still the exact one agreed to by Hitler and Stalin, before they both invaded Poland in 1939?

Guest (Guest) | 24.09.2009, 18:18
They are ALL NUTS!!!...never learn do they? Neither Poland, Russia nor Germany have a right to enslave Western Ukraine nor Ukrainians ANYWHERE : West, East, North or South ...get it?!!!!! All 3 invaders were WRONG and Ukrainians were forced to adopt to the most extreme schizophrenic strategies to cope with these monstrous bullies and survive as best they could.

We won't forget the Polish concentration camps BEFORE the war, the German ones DURING the war, and the Russian GULAG BEFORE, DURING and AFTER the war !!!!!!!!!!!!!!