Eugene Harasymiw

Feb. 14, 1941 - Oct. 02, 2004

Eugene Harasymiw wrote a great number of letters and articles of interest to the Ukrainian Canadian community addressed to various newspapers, individuals and organizations. He was especially concerned with the "denaturalization and deportation" policy victimizing Ukrainian immigrants from the World War II era.

He maintained Email correspondence on these issues with a group of similarly-minded Ukrainians on these issues. The 128 articles below (in the time period ranging from Mar. 10, 1998 to Aug. 15, 2004) were taken from such correspondence with Will Zuzak, who archived them in November 2004. The date and recipient are incorporated in the name of the html file.


harasymiw19980310Copps.html "Holocaust Museum" in Ottawa
harasymiw19980410Margolis.html "There's method in Yeltsin's madness" -- April 5, 1998, Toronto Sun [Added 2012.11.11]
harasymiw19980413Chretien.html George Thomson's letter re Neal Sher
harasymiw19980925McLellan.html Compromising independence of Canadian judiciary
harasymiw19980929NewsRelease.html McLellan oversteps bounds
harasymiw19981103Goulard.html Complaint regarding McLellan
harasymiw19981201NationalPost.html "The West Prefers its Dictators Red"
harasymiw19981213EdmontonSun.html Kudos to Eric Margolis
harasymiw19981224Makin.html Kudos to Makin for article on Dueck
harasymiw19981228Dhaliwal.html Charitable number for Wiesenthal Centre
harasymiw19981228Margolis.html "Unknown holocaust slaughtered Ukrainians"
harasymiw19981228McLellan.html "Hate literature" by Wiesenthal Centre
harasymiw19981230Chretien.html Please respond to Apr. 13, 1998 letter


harasymiw19990108CCLA.html CCLA position on d&d
harasymiw19990125McLellan.html Review of letter of Oct. 02, 1998
harasymiw19990127Assadourian.html Inclusive Genocide Museum
harasymiw19990131Coren.html A little more "sensitivity"
harasymiw19990131Stanway.html "We should push our ties with Ukraine"
harasymiw19990220GlobeMail.html "For crimes not committed"
harasymiw19990220Makin.html Thanks "For crimes not committed"
harasymiw19990416NationalPost.html "A man-made hell preserved for all to see"
harasymiw19990502Cabinet.html Your Government’s D & D Policy
harasymiw19990508Albright.html James Rubin remarks
harasymiw19990516NationalPost.html RCMP and Bre-X scandal
harasymiw19990702CBS60Minutes.html Ukrainian slave labour
harasymiw19990702GlobeMail.html Andrew Cohen “Settling Score”
harasymiw19990707AlbertaReport.html “Annie, get your funds”
harasymiw19990714NationalPost.html Re Janice Tibbetts' article
harasymiw19990719UNKNOWN.html Canada Day and d&d
harasymiw19990730EdmontonSun.html "McLellan's assistant - conflict of interest?"
harasymiw19990801GlobeMail.html “Border guards can’t ask about criminality”
harasymiw19990801NationalPost.html Rick Mofina's article (July 29, 1999)
harasymiw19990804Assadourian.html Genocide Museum
harasymiw19990806Romaniw.html Romaniw's meeting with Terry Beitner
harasymiw19990829Boyko.html UCC Position paper
harasymiw19990904Borovoy.html Inadequate letter of Feb. 05, 1999
harasymiw19990918NationalPost.html Frank Ellis article - Sep. 14, 1999
harasymiw19991106Chretien.html Genocide Museum
harasymiw19991109NationalPost.html “Evil, unavenged” (Nov. 09, 1999)
harasymiw19991119EdmontonJ.html Presidential election in Ukraine
harasymiw19991128AlbertaMP.html Please support Bill C-224
harasymiw19991219Chretien.html Hypocrisy of Cabinet
harasymiw19991220GlobeMail.html Orchestrating court appointments (Dec. 18, 1999)
harasymiw19991221Caplan.html Resign over Ressam fiasco
harasymiw19991222NationalPost.html Frank Ellis article (Dec. 22, 1999)


harasymiw20000217Harpers.html Criticism of John MacArthur article
harasymiw20000219Axworthy.html War in Chechnya
harasymiw20000220NationalPost.html Moshe Ronen article (Feb. 18, 2000)
harasymiw20000319NationalPost.html Ian Hunter's article (Mar. 16, 2000)
harasymiw20000321NationalPost.html Jack Granatstein's holocaust shrine
harasymiw20000331EdmontonSun.html Michael Coren chastised
harasymiw20001028Winnipeg.html Presentation on d&d
harasymiw20001102EdmontonSun.html Two-tiered health care vs two-tiered justice
harasymiw20001106GlobeMail.html Clayton Ruby letter (Nov. 06, 2000)
harasymiw20001112WashingtonPost.html Shevchenko monument (Nov. 12, 2000)
harasymiw20001229GlobeMail.html Rick Salutin article (Dec. 29, 2000)
harasymiw20001231Manley.html Putin visit to Canada


harasymiw20010101Bouchard.html L'affair Bouchard - Michaud
harasymiw20010101TorontoStar.html Galicia Division article (Dec. 27, 2000)
harasymiw20010114Cotler.html Jonathan Pollard
harasymiw20010402Caplan.html Ariel Sharon - war criminal
harasymiw20010414Fry.html Cross burning in BC
harasymiw20010414McLellan.html Government's d&d policy
harasymiw20010416Manley.html Israel uses radioactive aerosol sprays
harasymiw20010508Telegdi.html Your recent citizenship stand
harasymiw20010521CBC.html CBC report biased against Telegdi
harasymiw20010522McNally.html Deportation of Helmut Oberlander
harasymiw20010523Cabinet.html AUSRL position on D/D
harasymiw20010527CRTC.html Support World Telemonde multilingual TV
harasymiw20010607GlobeMail.html Shortcomings of Bill C-11
harasymiw20010619NationalPost.html I. H. Asper's June 18, 2001 speech
harasymiw20011015Francis.html "Canada: Queen Scout for Refugees"
harasymiw20011016Macleans.html "Fortress North America" (Oct. 15, 2001)
harasymiw20011020Report.html Jeff White article (Oct. 22, 2001)
harasymiw20011201Thibault.html Acadian Expulsion 1755-63


harasymiw20020329GlobeMail.html "Big Mountie is Watching" (Mar. 28, 2002)
harasymiw20020401Cauchon.html AUSRL opposition to d&d process
harasymiw20020402NationalPost.html Irwin Cotler tirade (Apr. 02, 2002)
harasymiw20020414EdmontonJ.html "Apocalyptic creed" (Apr. 02, 2002)
harasymiw20020414NationalPost.html Zev Singer article (Apr. 09, 2002)
harasymiw20020427EdmontonJ.html No support for WWII prosecutions
harasymiw20020505NationalPost.html Seifert - "Ukrainian-born" (May 04, 2002)
harasymiw20020603Cabinet.html Revoking Wasyl Odynsky's citizenship
harasymiw20020611Cabinet.html Coderre to strip Odynsky citizenship
harasymiw20020617Myroslava.html Organizations support Wasyl Odynsky
harasymiw20020620Grod.html Legal advice to NJC
harasymiw20020703Goldring.html Inquiry into Communist war criminals
harasymiw20020726NationalPost.html "... targeted killings ..." (Jul. 26, 2002)
harasymiw20020727Cauchon.html Critique of David Matas submission
harasymiw20020802Augustine.html Form letter defending d&d
harasymiw20020819Hafemann.html Re Hafemann letter to Coderre
harasymiw20020819Rajotte.html Re Rajotte letter to Ablonczy
harasymiw20020902Goldring.html "Informer" pamphlet re Wasyl Odynsky
harasymiw20020908Margolis.html Kudos for article on 911
harasymiw20020928CanadianAlliance.html Goldring's letter to Coderre
harasymiw20020929Margolis.html Re "American Chickenhawks" in Sun
harasymiw20020929MontrealGazette.html Gazette Editorial (Sep. 23, 2002)
harasymiw20020929NationalPost.html Critique of Robert Fife
harasymiw20021006Copps.html Ukrainian Internment and National Parks
harasymiw20021202Farrell.html Request to make submission


harasymiw20030214CIMM.html USRL submission on Bill C-18
harasymiw20030214summary.html Summary of USRL submission
harasymiw20030214transcript.html Transcript of Harasymiw presentation
harasymiw20030402Report.html "The allure of torture" (Mar. 31, 2003)
harasymiw20030409CBCOmbudsman.html Complaint re Janice Stein
harasymiw20030427CESC.html Oct. 2003 presentation on Bill C-18
harasymiw20030507TorontoSun.html "Deportations defy justice" (May 05, 2003)
harasymiw20030701Cabinet.html Denis Coderre vs Wasyl Odynsky
harasymiw20030828GlobeMail.html Rob Mickleburgh on Michael Seifert
harasymiw20031018Odynsky.html Introduction of Olya Odynsky
harasymiw20031211Gissler.html Pulitzer Committee decision on Duranty


harasymiw20040101Boyko.html Kudos on Edmonton Journal article
harasymiw20040101Cotler.html AUSRL position on d&d policy
harasymiw20040101Siddiqui.html To: H. Siddiqui at [email protected]
harasymiw20040103GlobeMail.html "The Arar Insinuations" (Jan. 03, 2004)
harasymiw20040114Reilly.html Reilly's decision in Oberlander
harasymiw20040121UkrNews.html Article on Oberlander case
harasymiw20040123Johnston.html Filip Konowal, VC
harasymiw20040124GlobeMail.html Anne McLellan on Juliet O'Neill raid
harasymiw20040128EdmontonJ.html McLellan's duplicity
harasymiw20040201Cotler.html Demand response to Jan. 01, 2004 letter
harasymiw20040201Owen.html Steinberg's insatiable self-indulgence
harasymiw20040228OBrien.html Israeli "defence" wall in Palestine
harasymiw20040228Scherrer.html RCI Ukrainian language broadcasts
harasymiw20040324CBC.html Janice Stein on Iraq coverage
harasymiw20040628Coderre.html Denis Coderre re Wasyl Odynsky
harasymiw20040815UCC-APC.html Support for Lubomyr Prytulak UKAR website

salhanyopinion.html Salhany letter of opinion to Eric Hafemann
thomson19980115Harasymiw.html George Thomson letter to Eugene Harasymiw
goldring20041014Harasymiw.html Peter Goldring tribute to Eugene Harasymiw in Parliament