Washington Post | Nov. 12, 2000 | Eugene Harasymiw
Shevchenko monument (Nov. 12, 2000)

From: Eugene Harasymiw
Sent: Sat 11/25/2000 9:40 AM
To: [email protected]
Subject: W.P. Nov. 12, 2000 article, page B08

Dear Editor of Washington Post:

The suggestion that Shevchenko's monument be torn down on the basis that he represents allegedly antisemitic, pro- Bolshevik or anti-Polish sentiment can only originate from a completely uninformed person. Either that or its sources may reflect the most virulent and obnoxious Ukrainophobia that is presently sweeping America. Even a modest bit of research would reveal these accusations to be propagandistic and not factual in nature.

Eugene Harasymiw, LL.B.
Alberta Ukrainian Self-Reliance League
Edmonton, Alberta CANADA
phone/fax: (780) 457-5170