Toronto Sun | May 07, 2003 | Eugene Harasymiw
"Deportations defy justice" (May 05, 2003)

Harasymiw on Deportations defy justice

RE: "DEPORTATIONS defy justice"
(Peter Worthington, May 05, 2003; Toronto Sun):

It is articles like this that place your paper squarely on top of newspaper standings in Canada. It is journalists like Mr. Worthington whose efforts make sure your paper stays there.

Please accept our congratulations for an article that's timely and potent - what's more, it's the absolute truth. Canada's "war crimes" prosecutions are nothing short of scandalous two-bit witch hunts, facilitated by gutless, cowed politicians who would stop at nothing to curry favour with the rich and the powerful. "To hell with justice," as long as it has its propaganda element to it - that's the battle cry of the depraved lobby pushing this unconscionable process.

Eugene Harasymiw
Alberta Ukrainian Self-Reliance League