National Post | Jul. 14, 1999 | Eugene Harasymiw
Re Janice Tibbetts' article

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July 14, 1999

National Post

Dear Editor:

Re: “Jewish groups criticize Ottawa’s war-crimes strategy” by Janice Tibbetts (July 14, 1999)

After reviewing concerns with what the author reports as a flagging war-crimes prosecution policy (3 losses out of 6 cases, zero deportations), Ms. Tibbetts concludes her piece with the assertion that unidentified Ukrainian Canadian groups question the government’s war-crimes prosecution “saying Ottawa shouldn’t be wasting time and money going after dying men.”

This, of course, is an entirely groundless statement since, to my knowledge, no Ukrainian group has ever made such a statement. The position of the Ukrainian Canadian community has been consistent: that government investigations should cover all alleged war-crimes actions regardless of when or where they occurred, instead of being selective as Ministers Rock and McLellan have directed; that suspects should be tried in Canadian criminal courts, instead of in civil proceedings where their right to a fair trial is removed; and that the Justice Department’s “war-crimes unit” employ only the highest standards in their prosecutorial efforts, instead of the well documented underhanded and reprehensible tactics imported by Neal Sher.

McCarthyism, pursued at the urgings of the privileged, rich and powerful, has no place in the justice system of a free and democratic society.

Yours truly,

Eugene Harasymiw, LL.B.

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