Globe and Mail | Jan. 03, 2004 | Eugene Harasymiw
"The Arar Insinuations" (Jan. 03, 2004)
To: [email protected]

Re: Editorial (Jan. 03, 2004) "The Arar Insinuations"

Dear Editor:

While we agree with every sentiment expressed in your editorial, we are left wondering why your newspaper has suddenly become sanctimonious about unsubstantiated anonymous allegations emanating from government or other dubious sources. For heaven's sake: malicious, unfounded and bogus accusations of war criminality have been directed at our community for decades, but we didn't hear the Globe take issue with that.

As for your very accurate comments about Mr. Cotler's blatant hypocricy, it's no different coming from this supposed civil libertarian than it was from former Justice Minister and Charter guru Anne McLellan. During her watch, she saw nothing incongruous about Charter rights extending to non-citizens and visitors facing criminal accusations, at a time those same rights were removed from Canadians facing groundless "war crimes" charges. And you stayed silent?

Eugene Harasymiw, LL.B.
Ukrainian Self-Reliance Assoc.
Edmonton Branch
(780) 476-3581