National Post | Mar. 19, 2000 | Eugene Harasymiw
Ian Hunter's article (Mar. 16, 2000)

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Dear Editor:

Thank God for brave and forthright souls like Prof. Ian Hunter ("An apology long overdue" March 16, 2000), who resolutely swim against the current of political correctness. While the article enhances awareness of the internment of Ukrainians and others during World War I, the legacy this appalling episode left on its victims is yet to be comprehended.

That legacy is evident -- oh, so clearly -- in the federal government's denaturalization and deportation policy -- a policy that sacrifices due process for no good reason other than to satiate the political agenda of its principal backers.

Imagine: 26 million Ukrainians perished in the twentieth century at the hands of Communist executioners and their collaborators. Yet today, it is the defenders of those same villains who have convinced unscrupulous politicians to single out Ukrainians as the perpetrators of war crimes, basing their empty accusations on nothing more than "saying so, makes it so". No wonder the government's answer to atonement is perpetual postponement.

Yours truly,

Eugene Harasymiw, LL.B.
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