Globe and Mail | Jan. 24, 2004 | Eugene Harasymiw
Anne McLellan on Juliet O'Neill raid

Anne McLellan's effrontery

From: Eugene Harasymiw [mailto:[email protected]]
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Subject: G & M's lead editorial (Jan. 24, 2004)

Dear Editor:

Anne McLellan has the effrontery to claim police actions in raiding reporter Juliet O'Neill's residence are justified "because all Canadians are concerned about leaks that could destroy the reputation of a man and his family." During her watch as Justice Minister, concern over reputations didn't stop her from conducting a witch-hunt and kangaroo prosecution of make-belief "war criminals", against whom there wasn't a scintilla of probative evidence. Destruction of reputations and defamation of entire communities fits right in with Ms. McLellan's concept of police-state measures, as she continues to run amok in her new portfolio.


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