Robert Thibault | Dec. 01, 2001 | Eugene Harasymiw
Acadian Expulsion 1755-63

Hon. Robert Thibault, MP
West Nova
Nova Scotia
[email protected]

December 01, 2001

Acadian Expulsion 1755-63

Dear Mr. Thibault:

We read with interest your comment expressing opposition to the Acadian groups' call for the federal government to acknowledge the historical wrong done to them during the Expulsion of 1755-63. On the CBC Internet network you are quoted as having voiced your displeasure at this initiative on the grounds that such an acknowledgement would "open up old wounds and it [would] serve no purpose."

That's interesting. Such a sentiment then surely means that you oppose your government's denaturalization and deportation policy. You know, the one that takes 91 year old men, strips them of their rightful citizenship and tries to deport them on the "probability" they may not have been truthful about their application to come to Canada. Now, surely, you would be opposed to this policy on exactly the same grounds, wouldn't you?

Please rise in the House before the Xmas break and state your revulsion with denaturalization and deportation, and that way you can have a nice Xmas, secure in the knowledge that your views on the Acadian issue mesh with the one on "d & d". Go ahead, Canadians are waiting.

Eugene Harasymiw, LL.B.
Standing Committee on Civil Liberties
Alberta Ukrainian Self-Reliance League
Edmonton, AB